Chapter 1 – Sustainable Marketing

Three Dimensions of Sustainability?
– *Environmental* Sustainability
– *Economic* Sustainability
– *Social* Sustainability
Define *Environmental* Sustainability
The ongoing preservation of essential ecosystems and their functions.
Define *Economic* Sustainability
The ongoing ability of an economic system to provide for all human needs.
Define *Social* Sustainability
The ongoing ability of communities to provide for the wellbeing of all their members
What is Sustainable Marketing?
Sustainable marketing means marketing sustainably – as a concept, cultural value and a set of practices.
What are Green Products?
Products that are less damaging to the environment or human health.
What is Natural Capital?
All the resources that nature provides.
What is Human Capital?
All the resources that people provide.
What is a *Sustainable* Marketing Mix?
A marketing mix is made up of the 4 P’s (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion). A *Sustainable* Marketing Mix, however, is made up of these elements, but also includes *People, Planet, and Progress.*
What is Marketing Planning?
Marketing planning is the structured process of determining how to provide value to customers, the organisation and stakeholders.
What are the 3 steps in Marketing Planning?
1. Researching/Analysing the current situation.
2. Developing and documenting the organisation’s objectives and strategies.
3. Implementing and evaluating marketing activities.

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