Chapter 1 (Sport Marketing)

sports marketing definition
All activities designed to meet the needs and wants of sport consumers through exchange processes
Two thrusts of sports marketing
+The marketing of sport products to the sport consumer
+The marketing of sport and nonsport products through sport
Who engages the marketing of sport products to the sport consumer
professional team
who engages in the marketing of sport and nonsport products through sport
brewery, auto dealer, corporate sponsor
standard symptoms of myopia
+A focus on producing and selling goods and services rather than identifying and satisfying the needs and wants of consumers and their markets
+The belief that winning absolves all other sins
+Confusion between promotions and marketing
+Ignorance of competition inside and outside sport
+A shortsighted focus on quick-return price hikes or sponsorships rather than long-term investments in research and in relationship marketing
+Poor-quality research
+Poor sales and service
+Arrogance and laziness
+Failure to adapt to industry, market, and consumer change
uniqueness of sport marketing
sport product, sport market, sport financing, sport promotion
sport product (core benefits)
sport product (unusual elements)
+An intangible, ephemeral, experimental, and subjective nature
+Strong personal and emotional identification
+Simultaneous production and consumption
+Dependence on social facilitation
+Inconsistency and unpredictability
+Core-product control beyond marketer’s hands
sport market
+Many sport organizations simultaneously compete and cooperate
+Product salience and strong personal identification lead many sport consumers to consider themselves experts
+Demand tends to fluctuate widely
+Sport has an almost universal appeal and pervades all elements of life
sport financing
+Pricing the individual sport product unit by traditional job costing is difficult
+The price of the sport product itself is invariably small in comparison with the total cost paid by the consumer
+Indirect revenues are frequently greater than direct operating revenues
sport promotion (challenges)
+The widespread media exposure is a double-edged sword
+Media and sponsors emphasize celebrities
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