Chapter 1: Introduction to Project Management

Best Practice
an optimal way recognized by industry to achieve a stated goal or objective
Critical Path
The longest path through a network diagram that determines the earliest completion of a project
Enterprise Project Management Software
Software that integrates information from multiple projects to show the status of active, approved, and future projects across an entire organization
A set of principles that guides decision making based on personal values of what is considered right and wrong
Gantt Chart
A standard format for displaying project schedule information by listing project activities and their corresponding start and finish dates in calendar form
a person who focuses on long-term goals and big-picture objectives while inspiring people to reach those goals
A person who deals with the day-to-day details of meeting specific goals
portfolio project management software
software that integrates information from multiple projects to show the status of active, approved, and future projects across an entire organization
a group of projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control that are not available from managing projects individually
program manager
a person who provides leadership and direction for the project managers heading the projects within a program
a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result
project management
the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements
Project Management Institute (PMI)
An international professional society for project managers
Project Management knowledge areas
Project integration management, scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communications, risk, procurement, and stakeholder management
Project Management Office (PMO)
An organizational group responsible for coordinating the project management functions throughout an organization
Project Management Professional (PMP)
certification provided by PMI that requires documenting project experience and education, agreeing to follow the PMI code of ethics, and passing a comprehensive exam
project management tools and techniques
methods available to assist project managers and their teams; some popular time-management tools include Gantt charts, network diagrams, and critical path analysis
project manager
the person responsible for working ith the project sponsor, the project team, and the other people involved to meet project goals
project portfolio management
when organizations group and manage projects as a portfolio of investments that contribute to the entire enterprise’s success
project sponsor
the person who provides the direction and funding for the project
people involved in or affected by project activities
triple constraint
balancing scope, time, and cost goals

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