Chapt 12

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Sclera Outer protective layer of the eye; white of the eye
Cornea Transparent anterior part of the sclera. Allows the light rays to enter the eye
Choroid Middle layer of the eye. Interlaced with many blood vessels
Iris Pigmented muscular structure that regulates the amount of light entering the eye .controls the size of the pupil
Pupil Opening in the enter of the iris
Lens Lies directly behind the pupil; its function is to focus and bend light
Retina Inner most layer of the eye which contains vision receptors
-plasty Surgical repair
-tomy Excision
Aqueous humor Watery liquid, provides nourishment to nearby structures
Vitreous humor Jelly-like substance found behind the lens. Maintains its shape
Meibomian glands Oil glands found in lower edges of the eyelid that helps lubricate the eye
Lacrimal glands and ducts Produce and drain tears
Optic nerve Carries visual impulses from the retina to the brain
Conjunctiva Mucous membrane lining the eyelids
Blephar/o Eyelid
Conjunctiv/o Conjunctiva
Cor/o,core/o,pupill/o Pupil
Corne/o,kerat/o Cornea
Dacry/o,lacrim/o Tear, tear duct
Ir/o,irid/o Iris
Ocul/o,ophthalm/o Eye
Opt/o Vision
Phac/o,phak/o Lens
Retin/o Retina
Scler/o Sclera
Cry/o Cold
Dipl/o Two,double
Is/o Equal
Phot/o Light
Ton/o Tension,pressure
Bi,bin Two
-opia Vision (condition)
-phobia Abnormal fear of
-plegia Paralysis
Lasik (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) Laser procedure
Optic Pertaining to vision
Retinal Pertaining to retina
Ophthalmology (ophth) Study of the eye
Ophthalmologist Dr of the eye
Intraocular lens (iol) Artificial lens implanted within the eye during cataract surgery
Visual acuity Sharpness of the vision for either distance or near
Ast Astigmatism
VA Visual acuity

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