Chap5 I.D

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Considered the least intellectually impaired, roughly comparable to mild ID today Morons
Morons(mild ID) were seen as a threat to society, because unlike the insane They could easily pass for normal
Binet & Simon were asked to develop a way to identify Schoolchildren who might need help in school
Binet and Simon developed the first intelligence tests to measure Judgement and reasoning
Early test questions of intelligence tests asked children to Manipulate unfamiliar objects such as blocks or figuresTo solve puzzlesTo match familiar parts of objects
Is now defined by an intelligence quotient (IQ) that is based on assessment with 1 or more of the standardized individually administered intelligence tests General intellectual functioning
WISC-IV, SB5, & the KABC-II tests assess various ______ which together are presumed to constitute the general construct known as "intelligence" verbal & visual-spatial skills & mathematical concepts,
Sub-average intellectual functioning is defined as an IQ of about 70 or below
Definition of ID includes not only sub average intellectual functioning, but also a sub average level of Adaptive functioning
Adaptive functioning refers to How effectively individuals cope with ordinary life demands, and how capable they are of living independently and abiding by community standards
3 major categories of adaptive behavior 1) conceptual skills2) social skills3) practical skills
Similar to IQ, adaptive skills are typically assessed using standardized instruments such as the Adaptive Behavior Assessment System(ABAS-II) or the Vineyard Adaptive Behavior Scales (VABS-II)
Children are more likely to reach their full potential if They live in healthy environments where caregivers provide appropriate levels of stimulation and help them manage ambient levels of stress

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