Chap. 15&25 Cardio Cardiovascular/ urinary drug

Question Answer
The health care worker will always check what? Before administering digoxin and document on the medication administration record. Apical pulse
The process of establishing a loading dose of digitalis for maintaining optimal functioning of the heart without toxic effect is called? Digitalization
Digoxin specific lab is the antidote of what? Digitalis toxicity
The most commonly used drugs influencing the function of the urinary tract (they increase urine excretion) are called? Diuretics
Type of diuretic use most frequently, that increases excretion of water, sodium, chloride, and potassium. Thiazide diuretics
Thiazide diuretic are used for treatment of? Edema, from many causes (heart failure, cirrhosis)Hypertension, and Prophylaxis of calculus

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