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We can easy see that the most outstanding changes in technology is Web Site, Social networking, smart phones, Internet shopping . It affect In communicate with our customers, suppliers, government and public. We can easy deny that the Internet Is growth up and change every day. “The Internet Is probably the most revolutionary idea since the invention of cell phones” (How the internet is changing life and business, 2014). It is the best opportunity for company doing marketing to attract customers. “Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today. In 1995, it was less than 1%.

The number of internet users has increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013″ (Internet Users,2014). Furthermore, the development of hardware devices such as smart phones, tablets, computers also changes the way people communicate with each other. Communication within the company and outside the company has changed compared to the past. It made our communication in business is more faster and easier . Firstly, we can easy see that Word Wide Web is more commonly to communicates with customer. They can buy or do research by the web pages online and don’t need to go the showroom or a store to decide what they want to buy.

According to PC magazine,58% of people research a product or service provider online before buying”(e-shock 2020,Machete De Karee-Silver,p. 135) . Amazon is a successful company is this case with revenue achieve LOS$ 74. 45 billion in 2013 (Amazon. Com, Form 8-K, Annual Report, Filing Date Jan 30, 2014) -We also use the web pages for sharing information to public which mean we can use the web to provide information to public and attract investors also informed on the status of business quickly to shareholders .

In addition to the benefits that are as low cost, easy to connect everywhere and rapid Interactive communications but challenging encounter Is the search can be slow, danger of information overload and excess and virus attacks. The secondly is mobile phone. They changed the way people communicate with each other and companies also rely on It to be able to communicate better with their customers. For example ANZA Bank have created a “ANZA Gooney app” to better interact with customers. Hey can easily use anytime, anywhere “Gooney The ANZA app provides a secure and convenient way to bank, In addition we can better Interact together face to face wherever customers are when hey use their Smartened. For shareholders we can have meetings without necessarily meeting room , we can inform the external situation quickly companies to 1 OFF Next, email has changed the way we communicate in business. It is used for internal communication within the company and external communication with customers, suppliers and the government . Scott F.

Geld argue that Email is an Internet marketing tool that is fast, easy to use, inexpensive and effective (Advantages of Email,2014). Email can help companies reach customers through an easy advertising thou spending much more on printing costs. Also “Email lets businesses market to targeted audiences. Customers can opt in to receive email communications about products they own, sales or new items. Customers who receive targeted emails based on their preferences are likely to be more receptive. “(Advantages and Benefits of Email for a Business, Amanda C. Cookers, Demand Media, 2014) .

We may use email to conduct customer service to answer questions as well as information that customers need to know. Email has certain advantages for companies such as low cost and easy access can use at any time. It is easy to send a message to large numbers of people. Today we face many difficulties when using email to communicate as system security, risk sending the wrong address and so much spam box. With the organizations, communicate with customer such as selling products and services to the customer with a high possible price is a main purpose in their business.

So that, to achieve it, they have to compete against with other competitors in the economic market and promote their products to the customers. Therefore, using social media is the best way to advertise the organization’s products or revises. “Social networking Web sites and services, such as Faceable, Namespace and Keyword, have become primary communication media for a new generation of digitally aware consumers” (The Changing face of communication , IBM Corporation). By posting the article product promotion on the social media websites such as Faceable , Twitter… Hey can communicate with the customer in a indirect way. Besides that, with the developing of technological, making advertising video is easier way to promote the organization’s business. In other words, the customers will e feel more confidence to make their choice when they can read or watch the products detail in their own computer and other customer comments about the products that they want to buy. With the developing of social media, the organizations will not to misspend their money for advertising their products, and time to communicate with their customers.

Social media open the best way to business for the organizations in promotion and online-service with customer about their products. For example is this case is Avoidance . “The “Connect to Friends” application from Avoidance is a messaging application users can download from Faceable. It is open to Avoidance and non-Avoidance customers and allows them to send messages and photos directly from Faceable” (Annoyed Connect to Friends. ” Mobile Tetchiness. September 2008. ) Technological also changes the way of communication in today’s companies.

In the past, we are difficult to communicate between levels in a company. Example, staffs are difficult to present the problem as well as new ideas for their managers. The managers also can hardly reach the staff new idea because it needs a long time. Managers they can use email to send information to employees, and it’s easy to get Taft feedback quickly. For staff, technology opens up opportunities so that they can present their ideas as well as faster and directly.

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