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They made farming much quicker and easier. Jotter Tulle’s Inventions of the seed drill and horseshoe also helped speed up the farming process. The seed drill made planting easier by planting seeds deep In the ground so they aren’t washed away. Horseshoes allowed horses to plow much quicker than before, which Increased productivity. The Increase of farming also made life a lot easier by allowing for less nomadic living due to the crops being so close to home. These Inventions, as well as having more food from farming, are the reason for agriculture being as technologically advanced as it is today.

Like agriculture, religion was also hugely impacted. Religion has always been very important in human societies. In the early years, religions such as Christianity and Buddhism introduced the idea of mutual intolerance. Mutual intolerance was the acceptance of disagreeing with another religion. Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity are just a few examples of the religions in this time. Things such as improvements in tools and weapons changed competition between groups. As time went on, there were more and more developments when it came to agriculture, engineering, and tools.

The tools becoming more advanced led to the ideas of better weapons. Because weapons and tools kept improving, they began to be used to obtain power more regularly. In turn, groups like the Aztec, Tolled, Mayans, and Cacao began fighting with these weapons in competition between groups. These examples of change in agriculture, religion, and competition between groups show that technology greatly impacted the development of early human societies. Whether it was because of inventions or different perspectives on things, these societies were obviously greatly impacted.

With this information, It Is clear that there have been many changes in technology through out the years and In the Changes in Technology By sidle New inventions and ways of thinking of things made a huge difference in the world. There have been many changes in technology through out the years and in the There were many changes during and after the classical age when it comes to agriculture. The invention of crop rotation and irrigation helped a lot in agriculture. They made farming much quicker and easier. Jotter Tulle’s inventions of the seed drill landing easier by planting seeds deep in the ground so they aren’t washed away.

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