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Please identify in list form the challenges that TARO is facing. Which are the most Important? Are they Interlinked? The mall problems TARO face are: To keep up with the production, despite the frequent overtime work. ; The increasing production conversion costs due to the production of small series. ; The large quantities of waste which are generated because of the production. ; A planning is never carried out, neither before nor after the takeover. ; Delivery time is very long and inconsistent.

The most problematic issues are the increasing delivery time, as customers complain ND sales decrease. However, this delivery time not only affects the customers, but themselves. Deliveries from the two component factories are Inconsistent, which leads to unnecessary interruptions of the assembly lines and causes employee dissatisfaction. Furthermore, not making a plan also affects the production. After the merger, a new systematic production planning process is introduced. However, there are still many problems as weekly plans are sent with a short notice and there is no time to make changes.

There Is no time for feedback. All these problems are Interlinked as the disorientation leads to Inefficiency in the deliveries, which causes problems in order to keep up with the production, which generates waste production and increasing production conversion costs. 2. Mr.. Wises chose to develop the new product line without consulting his management colleagues. What was his rationale for this? Do you think he was justified? Wises told the rest of the team, that previously he had been accused of saying that the two component factories should Jut conform the old TARO factory.

He thought that if he had consulted the rest of the team about his project, they would just have started to discuss about who should contribute what and when. Instead he had chosen a model where he just ordered the components needed and pretended they were going to be used for the current production. The way in which this plan was carried out was not the proper one as he did It by himself and the rest of the team was not Informed about It. However, his Intention was to trap the retailers attention and to extend the cooperation with them. . Was Wises right to lie to his employees about the attitude of the component factories to the TARO factory’ s leadership within the overall company? In general, what would you describe as Mr.. Wises ‘s strengths and weaknesses as manager? Wises was not right to Ill to his employees as they believed In him had been working many years with him. However, his unique intention has to manage to carry out the new production. He wanted the employees to keep on with the production. Mr..

Wises ‘s strengths are that he is a person with personal charisma, he has a facial ability to foresee difficult situations, he carries out innovative and collaborative approaches, he was able to spot such a need for the company and with that he did not inform the rest of the team about the plan, he carried out a solitary approach, he lied the workers and he imposed a planning system with which some of the other department’s managers did not agree. 4. There are continuing differences between the managers of Taro’s main factory and its component supply factories. Are these inevitable? Was it a mistake to have purchased the supply factories?

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