Assume that you are reading a STAR report about a hotel that you manage. What does an ADR index of 110 indicate?
Your ADR is higher than that of your competitors.
Assume that you are reading a STAR report about a hotel that you manage. What does a RevPAR index of 85 indicate?
Your RevPAR is lower than that of your competitors.
In the lodging industry, what is the meaning of the term “room mix”?
The ratio of different room types in a hotel
What is a per diem?
A fixed amount paid for a guest’s daily travel expense
What name is used to describe a group of competing hotels to which an individual hotel’s operating performance is compared?
Comp set
What is the difference between advertising and publicity?
Publicity is free
What type of activity describes the act of placing an ad in the yellow pages of a telephone book?
Marketing activity
Which of the following is a demand generator?
A college’s graduation weekend occurring near a hotel
What does a STAR report evaluate?
A hotel’s sales and marketing team’s results in relation to those of other hotels
A brand-specific frequent guest program is an example of a:
Franchisor’s sales and marketing effort
What is the purpose of cold calling?
To qualify prospects
What type of activity describes a site tour?
Presale activity
What is the name for the difference between the original number of rooms requested by a group and that group’s lower-than-requested actual room pick-up?
Which of the following would be considered a user-generated-content Web site?
A Web site that allows a hotel’s guests to post reviews of their previous stays
How is a sales and marketing team best evaluated by a hotel’s general manager?
By improvement in objective evaluation measurements
Each of the following events would require one or more guest rooms. Which would be classified as SMURF business?
A reunion held for veterans of the Vietnam War
What is true about transient travelers?
They are individual travelers.
Which is the most important market for large convention hotels?
Group market
What is true about a marketing plan?
It is designed to meet the hotel’s sales goals.

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