Ch 4 US- Civil War Civil War

Question Answer
secession decision by a state to leave the Union
Popular Sovereignty the right to vote (people's rule)- regarding the issue of slavery
Underground railroad secret network of people who hid fugitive slaves and helped them go north to Canada
Harriet Tubman famous "conductor" of the Underground Railroad
Harriet Beecher Stowe author of the antislavery novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Dred Scott Slave who was briefly taken by his owner into free territory
Dred Scott Case ruled that slaves were property
Abraham Lincoln President during the Civil War
confederacy The confederate states of America (Southern states that seceded)
Ulysses S. Grant Union General
Robert E. Lee Confederate General
Emancipation Proclaimation Order issued by Lincoln freeing the slaves
Clara Barton Union Nurse who started the American Red Cross
income tax tax that takes a percentage of an individual's income
Gettysburg decisive battle of the Civil War which turned the war in favor of the North
Gettysburg Address Important speech by Lincoln -he asked Americans to continue fighting to PRESERVE THE UNION
13th amendment Abolished Slavery in the US
14th amendment Gave citizenship to former slaves
15th amendment Gave African-American men the right to vote
Freedman's Bureau agency which was established to help former slaves
Reconstruction The period of rebuilding the nation after the Civil War
Radicals Republicans who wanted to destroy the political power of former slaveholders
scalawag White Southerners who joined the Republican Party (did not want wealthy plantation owners to re-gain their power)
carpetbagger Northerners who moved South after the war
sharecropping system where landowners gave a few acres of land to farm workers in return for a portion of their crops
Ku Klux Klan (KKK) Secret group of white Southerners who used violence to keep African-Americans from voting

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