Ch. 22 South Asia Study Guide

What countries make up the South Asian subcontinent?
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives

What is a subcontinent?
Large landmass that is part of another continent

What two mountain ranges separate South Asia from its northern neighbors?
Himalayas and Karakoram

The Ganges River in India runs through a plain with some of India’s most fertile land and holds about ___% of the country’s population.

What are monsoons? When do they occur?
Rainy season, from June to September

What is the green revolution? Why was it necessary?
Using technology to increase food production

Does India produce most of the food it consumes today?

India is the world’s second largest producer of what crop?

What are some products India produces?
Textiles, iron, steel, software, gems, jewelry

What are cottage industries?
Home or village-based craft production

Name two ways India’s environment has been degraded by its economic growth.
Deforestation, pollution, water scarcity

In what area did the first Indian civilization exist about 4000 years ago?
Indian River

How do castes affect people in India?
Jobs, marriages, difficult to move up in social class

What is the Hindu belief of reincarnation?
Soul is reborn until reaching perfection

Name six major religions practiced in India
Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Christianity

What famous building in India was built by a Muslim emperor as the tomb for his wife?
Taj Mahal

What is India’s capital?
New Delhi

What kind of government does India have?

How many people live in India?
Over a billion

How many official languages does India have? What is the most common one?
18; Hindi

Is most of India’s population urban or rural?

Name 4 major cities in India.
mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi, Chennai, Madras, Bangalore

True or False? India produces more movies than Hollywood each year?

What two countries in South Asia are mainly Muslim?
Pakistan, Bangladesh

What area between India and Pakistan has been disputed and shared by both countries for many years?

What are the two highest mountain peaks in the world?
Everest, K2

Why is the Khyber Pass important?
for travel and trade

What crop is Pakistan’s main export?

Name Pakistan’s two biggest cities.
Karachi and Islamabad

What kind of government does Pakistan currently have?
was a military dictatorship, now moving toward democracy

Are India and Pakistan nuclear powers?

In Bangladesh, people rely on ____ for transportation and for farming.

What annual event floods the land and kills thousands of people each year in Bangladesh?

Why is it hard to be a successful farmer in Bangladesh?
Poor technology and flooding

What product is one of Bangladesh’s major exports?

Who is Muhammed Yunus? What is microcredit?
He won the Nobel Peace prize; helps poor with small loans

Name the two mountain kingdoms of South Asia?
Bhutan and Nepal

Name two things that occur because of deforestation in Nepal?
Erosion, flooding, fields destroyed, rivers filled with mud

What group of people in Nepal is know for their skill as mountain guides?

What is Nepal’s capital?

What does Buddhism teach?
Find peace by living simply, doing good deeds, and meditating

Why is Bhutan called the “Land of the Thunder Dragon?
Violent mountain storms

Why was Bhutan once called the “Hidden Holy Land?”
Buddhist tradition and it was closed to tourists for years

What two groups have fought a bloody civil war in Sri Lanka?
Sinhalese and Tamil

What country in South Asia is made up of coral islands that rely mainly on tourism as its biggest industry?

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