Ch 2 Sect. 1&2 Vocab History

Term Definition
caravel a sailing vessel that uses square and triangular sails to help it sail against the wind
circumnavigate to proceed completely around
encomienda Spanish colonial system in which a colonist was given a certain amount of land in exchange for teaching the Native Americans
conquistador a Spanish soldier and explorer who led military expeditions in the Americas and captured land for Spanish
Treaty of Tordesillas the agreement between Spain and Portugal that created the imaginary north-south line dividing their territory in the Americas
Henry the Navigator prince of Portugal; made no voyages but directed a lot of them
Vasco da Gama Portuguese navigator; first European to sail around Africa and reach India by sea
Christopher Columbus Italian explorer sailing for Spain but instead reached America
Ferdinand Magellan Portuguese navigator; he died on his journey
Sir Francis Drake English admiral; second man to circumnavigate the globe
Henry Hudson English navigator; discovered the Hudson River in present day New York
Hernan Cortes Spanish conquistador; conquered Mexico for Spain
Francisco Pizarro Spanish conquistador; founder of Lima, Peru

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