Ch 16 NV Property Management

Nevada Landlord Tenant law applies to the what types of properties
Single family residential property and apartment complexes
A property management agreement should include
scope of authority being given, owner’s responsibilities and method of dispute resolution
In Nevada a month to month rental agreement may be terminated by the tenant as of the end of the month given at least
30 days written notice
The withholding of essential services is an illegal act known as
constructive eviction
This is an agent to the property owner
property manager
If tenant fails to perform duties, the landlord has the rights to
Evict the tenant through court action and sue the tenant for damages
Property management requires
a real estate license
When agreements are signed the broker/property manager owes his principal the full range of
fiduciary duties
After tenant moves out, landlord must return security deposit or written explanation of why deposit will not returned within
30 days of the move-out date
Landlord and tenant act applies only to
residential properties
Turning off utilities is known as
constructive eviction
A lease may be terminated if the premises are use for
unauthorized purposes or if destroyed and there is no covenant in the lease to repair or replace the property
A property manager is
an agent of the property owner
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