ch 15/16 Marketing: distribution, promotion

marketing intermediaries
organizations that assist in moving goods and services from B2B and B2C, theyre in the middle of a series of firms that distribute goods
channel distribution
group of marketing intermediaries that join together to transport and store goods from producers to consumers
agents and brokers
intermediaries who bring buyers and sellers together and assist in negotiating an exchange bu do not take title to the goods they offer
an intermediary that sells products to other organizations such as retailers, manufactureres, and hopsitals
org that sells products to ultimate customers
forms of utility
form, time, place,possession, information, service
form utility
changes raw materials to useful products,producers generally provde form utility ex starbucks, levis
time utility
makes products available when customers want them ex 24 walgreens
place utility
adds value to products by placing them where people want them, atms
possession utility
helps transfer ownership from one party to another, including providing credit, visa, loans
information utility
opens two way flows of info b/w marketing participants ex dell with advice to pc buyers, govt maps to show tourist location
service utility
provides service during and after a sale and teaches customers how to best use products ex apple offers classes
maintain long term relationships
represent clients on a temporary basis
intensive distribution
puts products into as many retail outlets as possible including vending machines
selective distribution
uses only a preferred group of the available retailers in an area
exclusive distribution
the use of only one retail outlet in a given geographic area
direct selling
selling goods and services to customers in their homes or workplaces
direct marketing
any activity that directly links manufacturers or intermediaries with ultimate customer
supply chain
all the linked activities various orgs must perform to move goods and services from the source of raw materials to ultimate consumers
supply chain management
the process of managing the movement or raw materials, parts, work in progress, finished goods, and related info through all the orgs in the supply chain
the planning, implementing and controlling of the physical flow of material, final goods and related information from points of origin to points of consumption
inbound logistics
brings raw materials packaging other goods and services from suppliers to producers
material handling
movement of goods within a warehouse from warehouse to the factory floor and from the factory floor to workstations
outbound logistics
manages the flow of finished products and the information to business buyers and consumers
reverse logistics
brings goods back to the manufacturer because of defects or for recycling
promotion mix
combination of promotional tools and organization uses, includes: advertising, personal selling, public relations, sales promotion
integrated marketing communication
combines promotional tools into one comprehensive strategy. create positive brand image, meet needs of consumers, meet strategic marketing and promotional goals of the firm
goals: inform persuade and remind
product placement
advertisers pay to put their products into tv shows and movies where the audience will see them
researching potential buyers and choosing those most likely to buy
making sure customers have a need for product, the authority to buy and willingness to listen to a sales message
a customer who meets the qualifying criteria
public relation
evaluates public attitudes, changes policies and procedures in response to the public, and executes a program of action and information to earn public understanding and acceptance // listen tot he public, change the policies and procedures, inform people youre responsive to their needs
any information about an individual, product, or organization thats distributed to the public through the media and is not paid for or controlled by the seller // free, reaches people who would not look at an ad, more believable.
sales promotion
the promotional tool that stimulates consumer purchasing and dealer interest by means of short term activities // b2b sales promotions, consumer sales promotions
viral marketing
paying customers to say positive things on the internet or selling schemes where consumers get commissions
push strategy
producers use advertising personal selling sales promo and other tools to get their products stocked on shelves
pull strategy
directs heavy advertising and sales promotion efforts towards consumers and gets the public to request the product from retailers
pick strategy
refers to consumers who pick out their products form online outlets
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