Ch 13 PM

Expectations management matrix
Prioritizing scope, time, cost, and technology/standards giving their expectations and guidelines
External stakeholders
include the project’s customers (if they are external to the organization), competitors, suppliers, and other external groups that are potentially involved in the project or affected by it, such as government officials and concerned citizens
Internal stakeholders
generally include the project sponsor, project team, support staff, and internal customers for the project. Other internal stakeholders include top management, other functional managers, and other project managers because organizations have limited resources
Issue log
Issues should be documented in an issue log, a tool used to document, monitor, and track issues that need resolution
Power/interest grid
can be used to group stakeholders based on their level of authority (power) and their level of concern (interest) for project outcomes
Stakeholder analysis
Listing stakeholders with power/interest, engagement with potential management strategy
Stakeholder register
includes basic information on stakeholders:
o Identification information: The stakeholders’ names, positions, locations, roles in the project, and contact information
o Assessment information: The stakeholders’ major requirements and expectations, potential influences, and phases of the project in which stakeholders have the most interest
o Stakeholder classification: Is the stakeholder internal or external to the organization? Is the stakeholder a supporter of the project or resistant to it?

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