Ch. 10 Conflict Mgmt–Wilcox Strategies & Tactics 11th ed.

What is the relationship between PR and conflict in an organization? What role does PR play?
PR professionals develop strategies to influence the course of a conflict to the benefit of the organization and if possible, the organization’s publics.
What determines the strategy in dealing with conflict or a crisis?
It depends. The PR person must help the organization determine the stance it will take. Will it deny the problem? Will it apologize? The stance determines the strategy. It can change as the situation unfolds.
In order of start to finish, what are the four phases in the conflict management life cycle?
Proactive, strategic, reactive, recovery.
What are the 3 foundations of reputation?
Economic performance, social responsiveness, the ability to deliver valuable outcomes to stakeholders.
What are Larsen’s 3 rules to live by?
1. Tell the truth. Fast
2. Do the right thing
3. Tell others about it
What are the 4 phases of the Conflict Management cycle?
What is strategic conflict management?
Processes to influences the course of conflicts to the benefits of the organization and when possible, to the benefit of the organization’s constituents.
What are the two ends of the principles continuum?
Pure advocacy and Pure accomodation
What does the recovery stage of crisis communication involve?
1) Reputation Management
2) Image Restoration
What does the strategic stage of crisis communication involve?
1) Risk Communication
2) Conflict Positioning
3) Crisis Management Plan
What does the proactive stage of crisis communication involve?
1) Environmental Scanning
2) Issue Tracking
3) Issue Management
4) General Crisis Management Plan
What does the reactive stage of crisis communication involve?
1) Crisis Communication
2) Conflict Resolution
3) Litigation PR
Several strategies for responding during the Reactive Phase include:
Attacking the accuser, denial, excuse, justification, apology, corrective action.
Proactive Phase
Stop a small problem from getting bigger
Strategic Phase
We see a that a problem is emerging that will need action
Reactive Phase
When a conflict reaches a critical level we must react
Recovery Phase
Rebuild the brand and reputation
Environmental Scanning
Constantly watching current affairs with organization’s interest
Issues Management
Proactive and systematic approach to
Predict Problems
Anticipate Threats
Minimize surprises
Resolve issues
Prevent Crisis
Crisis Communication
Strategies for responding:
Attack the accuser
Corrective action
Full apology
What is risk communication?
Minimizing the harm to the public
What is crisis management plan?
What they (PR and co.) plan on doing
How to communicate in a crisis
Put public first, take responsibility, communicate with key publics, set up a central info center, never say “no comment”, be honest, etc.
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