Ch. 1 Supply Chain Management

– Operations function:
collection of people, technology, systems within an organization with primary responsibility for providing the organization products and services
– Supply chain
a network of manufactures and service providers that work together to create products or services needed by end users. These manufactures and service providers are linked together through physical flows, information flows, and monetary flows
– Operations management:
the planning , scheduling, and control of the activities that transform inputs into finished goods and services
– First tier supplier
provides products and services directly to a firm
– Second tier supplier
: provides products and services to a firms first tier supplier
– Supply chain management:
the active management of supply chain activities and relationships in order to maximize customer value and achieve a competitive advantage. It represents a conscious effort by a firm or group of firms to develop and run supply chains in the most effective and efficient way possible
– Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model
a framework developed and supported by the supply chain council that seeks to provide standard descriptions of the process, relationships, and metrics that define supply chain management
– Electronic commerce:
the use of computer and telecommunications technologies to conduct businesses via electronic transfer of data and documents
– Commodity manager
who acquires knowledge in a specific market in which the organization purchases significant quantities of materials and services. helps formulate long-term commodity strategies and manage long-term relationships with selected suppliers
SCOR model areas
1. Planning activities
2. Souring activities
3. Make or production activates
4. Delivery activities
5. Return activities
the association for operations management
2. ISM
the institute for supply management that provides national and international leadership in purchasing and materials management
the council of supply management
4. ASQ:
the American society of quality, is a leader in education and all aspects of quality improvement, including the Baldrige Award, ISO 9000, and continuous improvement activities. ASQ stands for the American Society for Quality

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