ch 1 health information management technology: an applied approach- TMR

American College of Surgeons
The hospital standardization movement of 1918 was inaugurated by
HIM has been recognized as a profession since
Changes in technology
The HIM profession is changing due to
Information focused
The new model of HIM practice is
Department based
The traditional model of HIM practice was
The organization that accredits HIM education program
Our college has applied to become accredited by CAHIIM. What is the name of the interim stage of accreditation.
The name of the virtual network used by AHIMA members
House of Delegates
Function that governs the HIM profession
Foster professional development of its members
The primary focus of AHIMA
Certification administrated by CCHIM
Registered Health Information Technician
Integrated Delivery Systems
Until world word II, where was the most healthcare provided
Federally mandated healthcare program for low income people. In patient and outpatient services, laboratory and xray services, physician services, nursing facility care for those over 21 years of age, family planning, 31 optional programs
Administrated Support Services
Admissions, Marketing, Billing *
Board of directors
Primary responsibility to guide the direction of the hospital
Federally run hospital
Permission by the Community Hospital to perform specialization
Clinical Privleges
Acute Care Hospitals
provide short term care to diagnose or treat an illness
Pharmaceutical Services *
considered part of the clinical support services
Average length of state in acute care hospital
25 days of less
Physical therapists
the only members of the rehabilitation service team
Most patients in long-term care facilities require inpatient nursing and related services for more than how many consecutive days
30 days
CDC- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
monitors healthy precautions for international travelers
Leadership by Example
Document from National Academy of Medicine addressed the duplication and contrasting approaches to performance measures by the six major governmental healthcare programs that serve 100 million Americans
Allied health professionals
support physicians, nurses, and physician assistant, receive certificate
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)
Portability of health insurance after leaving employment, national standards for electronic health records, national identifiers for providers, health plans, and employers, privacy, security, healthcare integrity and protection database
organized medical staff, provides permanent medical staff, offers around the clock nursing service, provides diagnostic and therapeutic services. classified by number of beds. types of services provided, types of patients services, for profit or non profit status, type of ownership

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