Ch 07: Networking: Connecting Computing Devices

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Each device connected to a network is known as a
a. peripheral. b. network spoke.
c. node. d. computing unit.

A small network used for communication between personal computing devices is a
a. WAN.
b. PAN.
c. LAN.
d. MAN.

The fastest broadband Internet service is usually
a. fiber-optic.
b. DSL.
c. cable.
d. satellite.

transmission media.
The part of the network that establishes a communications channel between the nodes of the network is known as
a. network operating software.
b. transmission media.
c. a network navigation device.
d. a switch.

The device used to move data between two networks is called a
a. gateway.
b. switch.
c. wireless range extender.
d. router.

Actual data throughput is usually higher on wired networks than on wireless networks.

Home networks are usually configured as a client/server network.

irectly to the broadband modem.
When setting up a home network, the router is attached
a. directly to the broadband modem.
b. directly to the NIC in each device.
c. directly to the Internet.
d. directly to the Ethernet switch.

disabling WEP.
All of the following are methods to secure your wireless network except
a. disabling SSID broadcast.
b. enabling WPA.
c. changing your network name (SSID).
d. disabling WEP.

All of the above
Which network-ready device facilitates file sharing and data backup?
a. Home network server
b. Time Capsule
c. Network-attached storage
d. All of the above

create a homegroup.
To share files between computers on a Windows home network, you must
a. enable groupsharing.
b. create a homegroup.
c. enable Windows sharing.
d. None of the above

Enable SSID broadcast.
Which of the following is not recommended to do when securing a home wireless network?
a. Change the default password on the router.
b. Turn on security protocols.
c. Enable SSID broadcast.
d. Change the network SSID name.

Network-ready devices contain Ethernet switches.

Home network servers are a specialized type of NAS device.

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