Cell Study Guide- Answer Key

What is it called when water passes through a cell membrane?

What two things are only found in a plant cell not in an animal cell?
Chloroplast and Cell Wall

What is the smallest part of a living thing?

Where do substances pass in and out of the cell?
Cell Membrane

I’ve been called a “storage tank” By those with little taste. I’m a sac filled with water,
Food, enzymes, or waste. What am I?

This part of the cell contains the DNA.

What will happen to an animal cell if it is placed in salt water?
The cell will shrink

List the name of cell organization from largest to smallest.
Organ, Tissue, Cell, Organelle

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What organelle is found in a carrot cell but not in a cell of a dog?

What analogy of the plant cell could be used to describe a human skeleton?
cell wall

What is the powerhouse where energy is stored?

What makes proteins?

Where does photosynthesis take place?

What is a jellylike substance that is 80 % water and contains the cell’s living material?

This moves materials throughout the cell.
Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)

What are organelles that break down food, waste materials, and old cells?

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