Cell structure A test about cell structure and its function

Question Answer
What is the smallest basic unit of life? Cells
What is the cell theory? Theory that all living things are made up of cells
What are microscopes used for? They are used to see small things that can not be seen with the naked eye.
Who named the cells, "cells" Robert Hooke named them
Why did Robert Hooke name them that? He named then that because when he was examining the outer back of a tree, it looked like the small rooms found in monestarys or cells.
what did the scientist Schwann do? He found that all living things are made of cells and cell products
What was Schwann wrong about? He was wrong when he said that all calls form spontaneously by free cell division.
Whats cytoplasm? a jellylike material that contains dissolved molecular building blocks.
What is the definition of prokaryotic cells? Cell that does not have a nucleus or a membrane
What is the definition of eukayotic cells? Cell that have a nucleus and other membrane bound organelles.
What is your cytoskeleton and what does your cytoskeleton do? Your cytoskeleton is a network of proteins that is constantly changing to meet the needs of a cell
Name three organelles that are only found in plant cells? Chlorplast, central vacuole, cell wall
Name two organelles that are only found in animal cells?

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