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I. To set up and keep a safe. healthy larning environment. 1. Safe: Candidate provides a safe environment to forestall and cut down hurts. 2. Healthy: Candidate promotes good wellness and nutrition and provides an environment that contributes to the bar of unwellness. 3. Learning Environment: Candidate uses infinite. relationships. stuffs. and modus operandis as resources for building an interesting. secure. and gratifying environment that encourages and Fosters trust. drama. geographic expedition. interaction. and larning. II. To progress physical and rational competency.

4. Physical: Candidate provides a assortment of developmentally appropriate equipment. acquisition experiences. and learning schemes promote the physical development ( all right motor and gross motor ) of kids. 5. Cognitive: Candidate provides activities and chances that encourage wonder. geographic expedition. and job work outing appropriate to the development degrees of each kid. 6. Communication: Candidate actively communicates with kids and provides chances and support for kids to understand. get. and utilize verbal and gestural agencies of pass oning ideas and feelings.

7. Creative: Candidate provides chances that stimulate kids to play with sound. beat. linguistic communication. stuffs. infinite and thoughts in single ways and to show their originative abilities. III. To back up societal and emotional development and to supply positive counsel. 8. Self: Candidate provides a warm. positive. supportive relationship with each kid. and helps each kid learn about and take pride in his or her single and cultural individuality. 9.

Sociable: Candidate helps each kid feel accepted in the group. helps kids learn to pass on and acquire along with others. and encourages feelings of empathy and common regard among kids and grownups. 10. Guidance: Candidate provides a supportive environment and uses effectual schemes to assist all kids learn and pattern appropriate and acceptable behaviours as persons and as a group. and efficaciously provides support for kids with relentless disputing behaviours. IV.

To set up positive and productive relationships with households. 11. Families: Candidate establishes a positive. concerted relationship with each child’s household. engages in bipartisan communicating with households. encourages their engagement in the plan. and supports the child’s relationship with his or her household. V. To guarantee a well-run. purposeful plan responsive to participant demands. 12. Program Management: Campaigner is a director who uses all available resources to guarantee an effectual operation.

The Candidate is a competent organiser. contriver. record keeper. communicator. and a concerted coworker. VI. To keep a committedness to professionalism. 13. Professionalism: Candidate makes determinations based on cognition of researched-based early childhood patterns. promotes high-quality kid attention services. and takes advantage of chances to better cognition and competency. both for personal and professional growing and for the benefit of kids and households.

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