Cause and Effect

Stacy Servoss
English 111 L-45
Mr. Cather
Women 100 years ago vs. Women today
The controversy women had 100 years ago, such as rights, responsibility, and chauvinism, still play a significant role in the society of women today. 100 years ago women had a more complex life style than women of today. There are many differences and similarities such as, the levels of expectations they had, sarcasm, and chauvinism they had to endure. In contrast over the evolution of time the rights of women have dramatically changed.
A century ago or more women had no rights and had no external voice at all. They had to stand to the side and show respect for the man of the house. Their responsibilities included solely on bearing children, cooking, and the entire house work. Men held women as their possessions and women did whatever pleased them, with no remorse shown or given. Female children also had no rights to exercise. While the male children went to school to broaden their horizons. Meanwhile the females cooked, cleaned, learned to make clothes, kept their future husbands happy, and took care of other siblings.
In addition, women also had no voting privileges. They had to stand and not speak a word while the men ranted and raved on the political issues at hand. This, in turn, made males powerful and controlling to the women who worked hard as well, and were nothing more than muted by-standards. This right will change in the near future. By 1869, a women’s rights group emerged from the leadership of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady. This compelled women in the decision-making process in the political society. In turn, this gave women equal rights as men. Women had enough of being treated unequal, so they forced the right for female children to have the same rights in education in schools.
Men also were controlling in how women kept their appearances and by what they wore. They made them wear only what they said was fit to wear. This was not only a…