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Technology plays a huge role in our daily lives. Now a days most people can’t go a day without their phones, games, and computers etc. This is making us a whole lot dependent on our electronics. In our daily lives, we have seen much technological equipment that we take for granted, such as cars that provide transportation, radio, and television for entertainment and educational purposes. Yet, many people are amazed at how useful their computers are such that the Invention of computers In he united States has been enormous.

Due to the past advances In technology, the dally lives of people have become more convenient. Without the comforts of technology, most people would have no Idea what to do or how to survive. During this short period of time, there have been many technological advances. Technological advances In machinery, transportation, and communication have given mankind a chance to live longer and more efficiently. Along with the benefits of technology, there are also some negative side effects.

Has man become so dependent and slave- like to the innovative pleasures of these times? Although technology may seem like a positive thing for man, the negative factors of these technological advances such as lack of human interaction and laziness have caused more problems than anticipated. At the rate of technology advancement ma kind will end up slaved to a screen and become fat and obese, we need to change this. Technology is making a huge impact for good and a bad cause, and we need to fix it.

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