Synthesis Essay Examples

Radiologic Sciences

A radiographer or a ‘radiologic technologist’ is a healthcare professional who takes X-ray images of various important parts of the body and also conducts other specialized radiological procedures such as CT scans, MRI scans, nuclear medicine techniques and ultrasound. It is the ethical duty of the radiographer to protect the patient from radiation by ensuring […]

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The Need for Indigenization of Social Sciences

A. Overview: There was been a great crisis existing in the field of social sciences as most local researchers face the reality that the Western aspect on research methods used in their studies influence the outcome or interpretations of their findings in the cultural context of the country. As Pe-dua, R. (1989) states that, “May […]

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In Areas of Knowledge Such as the Arts or the Sciences

Is it possible that we learn equally from seemingly contradictory situations of work that follows and work that breaks with accepted conventions? Stereotypically the sciences and mathematics are all about fundamental laws, which are further developed and build up. Hence, scientists and mathematicians are assumed to most likely learn more from work that follow. However […]

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Ethical Issues in the Biomedical Sciences

Choosing the sex of your child is technically possible thanks to advances in fertility treatments that allow doctors to create or identify embryos of a certain sex based on this most accurate sex selection methods; usually the most expensive (10,000.00) often involving invasive infertility treatments and fertility drugs with side effects. Sex determination and the […]

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Medical sciences have made significant contributions to improve human lives in our century

Medical sciences have made significant contributions to improve human lives in our century. However, it is quite amazing to know that the life blood which sustains humanity has never been reproduced artificially which suggests that the very source of life is in the human body itself. It also implies that humans are interdependent and that […]

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