General Psychology Chapter 5

Consciousness an organism’s awareness of internal events and the external environment, varies in its depth and exists along a continuum. Alternate states of consciousness (ASCs) examples are sleeping and dreaming Circadian rhythm a 24-hour sleep/awake cycle NREM sleep non-rapid-eye-movement sleep; one of the four stages of sleep REM sleep rapid-eye-movement sleep; one of the four […]

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General Psychology: Chapter 13 – Psychological Disorders

maladaptive behavior Behavior that hinders a person’s ability to function in work, school, relationships, or society. insanity defense A legal strategy of claiming that a defendant was unable to differentiate between right and wrong when the criminal act was committed. medical model Using one’s understanding of medical conditions to think about psychological conditions. abnormal psychology […]

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General Psychology Ch. 1-3

What is Psychology The science that strives to understand the behavior and mental processes. Seeks to apply this understanding to the welfare of humans Who is a Psychologist A person who is involved in the study of predicting, improving and explaining a certain aspect of behavior and mental processes. Cognitive Psychologists: Study basic mental processes. […]

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General Psychology-Biology & Behavior

Two main forms of communication in the nervous system Neurons travelling through the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system Neuron A specialized nervous cell that allows for communication throughout the body Dendrites Receive information from other neurons Axon Terminal Transmits a signal Axon Nodes of Ranvier Myelin Sheath Afferent (Sensory) Neurons Neurons specialized […]

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General Psychology – Chapter 6: Learning

Learning A systematic, relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs through experience. Behaviorism A theory of learning that focuses solely on observational behaviors. Associative Learning Occurs when an organism makes a connection, or association, between two events. Observational Learning When a person observes and imitates another person’s behavior. Classical Conditioning When a neutral stimulus becomes […]

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General Psychology Exam 3 McElwee Pitt State

Developmental Psychology scientific approach which aims to explain how children and adults change over time physically, socially, and cognitively Zygote when a female human egg is fertilized, no longer classified as an egg, 0-2 weeks embryo early, prenatal stage makes up majority of first trimester, 2nd-8th week after fertilization of embryo, critical stage for cognitive […]

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Chapter 13: Therapy (General Psychology)

Psychotherapy any of a group of therapies used to treat psychological disorders and to improve psychological functioning and adjustment to life Psychoanalysis a type of psycho dynamic therapy developed by Freud; an intensive and prolonged technique for bringing unconscious conflicts into conscious awareness. Free Association in psychoanalysis, reporting whatever comes to mind without monitoring its […]

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General Psychology Ch. 1 & 2 Test. Test 1.

The study of mental activity and behavior. Psychology Functionalism was highly influenced by who and what? Charles Darwin’s work on evolution. who used a wax model to study the brain? Da Vinci what did John Stuart Mill argue in the 1800s? That psychology should be a science of observation and experimentation, NOT PHILOSOPHY what did […]

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General Psychology: Exam 2, Chapters 3 + 4

Sensation the process of detecting a stimulus, such as light, sound, heat or pressure Perception the process of integrating, organizing, or interpreting sensations Transduction the process by which a form of physical energy is converted into a coded neural signal that can be processed by the nervous system Absolute Threshold the smallest possible strength of […]

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