Educational Psychology Chapter 5

Academic Language The entire range of language used in elementary, secondary, and university-level schools including words, concepts, strategies, and processes from academic subjects. Balanced Bilingualism Adding a second language capability without losing your heritage language. Bilingual Speaking two languages and dealing appropriately with the two different cultures. Code-switching Moving between two speech forms. Critical Periods […]

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Educational Psychology Ch. 5

language development -develop lang. ad children actively make sense of what they hear by looking for patterns and making up rules -built in biases and rules may limit the search and guide the pattern of recognition -reward and correction play a role in helping children learn correct lang. use play a role in lang. development […]

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Chapter 1 – Educational Psychology: A tool for effective teaching

Educational Psychology Branch of psychology that the specializes in understanding teaching and learning in educational settings Pioneers of educational psychology William James, John Dewey and E.L Thorndike William James Emphasized the importance of observing teaching and learning in classrooms for improving education. His recommendations was to start lesson at a point just beyond the child’s […]

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Educational Psychology Exam 3

Between Class grouping Students are separated into classes bu ability level. -low ses and minorities are often placed in low ability settings which can lead to stigmatization. -research doesn’t support using this method of grouping;slight benefits for those in high track classes, but high levels of loss for those in low tracks. -tracking often based […]

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Educational Psychology – Chap 5, 6, 7

Individual Differences Diversity in abilities and characteristics (intellegence, personality, etc.) among students at a particular gender or cultural group. Differentiated Instruction Practice of individualizing instructional methods-and possibly also individualizing specific content and instructional goals-to align with each student’s existing knowledge, skills, and needs. Intellegence Ability to apply prior knowledge and experiences flexibly to accomplish challenging […]

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ormrod educational psychology ch. 9

behaviorism theoretical perspective in which learning and behavior are described and explained in terms of stimulus-response relationships stimulus (S) specific object or event that influences an individual’s learning or behaivor response (R) specific behavior that an individual exhibits conditioning term commonly used by behaviorists for learning; typically involves specific environmental events leading to specific responses […]

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Educational Psychology Chapter 1: A Foundation for Teaching

Educational Psychology The study of learning and teaching Pedagogy The study of learning and teaching with the applications to the instructional process Intentionality Doing things for a purpose; teachers who use intentionality plan their actions based on the outcomes they want to achieve Principle Explanation of the relationship between factors Theory A set of principles […]

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Educational Psychology – Chapter 2, Woolfolk, 11th Edition

Development Orderly, adaptive changes we go through from conception to death. p.26 Different Aspects of Human Development Physical, Social, Personal, and Cognitive. p.26 Physical Development Changes in the body structure and function over time. p.26 Social Development Changes over time in how we relate to others. p.26 Personal Development Changes in personality that takes place […]

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Cluster 1 Terms: Learning, Teaching and Educational Psychology

Action Research systematic observations or tests of methods conducted by teachers or schools to improve teaching and learning for their students Case Study intensive study of one person or one situation Correlations statistical descriptions of how closely two variables are related Descriptive Studies studies that collect detailed information about specific situations, often using observations, surveys, […]

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