Persuasive Essay Examples

Organizational Structure Paper

An organizational structure is the specification of the jobs to be done within an organization and the ways in which those jobs relate to one another. Organization structure provides a framework for managers to divide responsibilities, hold employees accountable for their work, effectively distribute authority to make decisions, and coordinate and control the organization’s work. […]

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Advertising & Promotion – Assignment

The Coca Cola Company is the world’s largest drinks company, controlling more than half the global soft drinks market. It’s principal brand is, of course, Coca Cola itself, the single most valuable brand in the world, with an estimated value of $68.9 billion for 2000 and actual sales of over $15 billion. However, the company […]

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Consumer Behaviour

“Consumer Behaviour is an essential study because the more you know your consumer the more you can earn within that particular market. (Woodruff and Gardial, 1996) This essay discusses Goldsmith et al (1997) ‘The Impact of social values on food-related attitudes’. It consists of a short review concentrating on the main points of each section […]

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Problem Solution: Global Communications

Global Communication, on its quest to enter the global market, encountered internal and external conflicts. Faced by an ethical dilemma, it had to choose risking the fading of GC against the background of the telecommunication industry or to lay off many workers. Choosing the latter option, this then proposed a problem with the union and […]

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Analysis of adverts – Purpose and Audience

The purpose of all four adverts is to inform the target audience of the product, and to persuade the consumer to buy the product, the language that is used by each company to advertise varies depending on the age group of the consumers that the product is being aimed at. Both the L’Oreal adverts are […]

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Brand Positioning

The following report will be based on the sports brand Adidas. This report will critically analyse the organisations brand positioning, create and evolve strategies as to how the company may reposition or improve its brand position. Definition of Brand Positioning The website On Point Marketing states that brand positioning is “when we identify where a […]

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Extending the product life cycle

The product life cycle is exactly what it says; it is the life of a product. It consists of three different categories which are growth, maturity, and also decline. This is a sort of a guide line to how the product will end up and what will happen to it. Growth- this is where the […]

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Analaysing an advert for dior perfume “pure poison” from the magazine “eve”

The advertisements for Dior, which is on the back page of the September, issue of “Eve” magazine, uses a glossy photograph of a model, an ambiguous product name, to promote their new perfume. The advert uses a few simple words with alliteration and repetition and a striking close up photo of a young woman’s face. […]

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Advertising Essay

Advertising is everywhere. It is the media side of promoting products/services/businesses. Adverts can be found in many places, such as bus stops, on billboards, in magazines, on the radio and on the television. Advertising normally draws the audience to the particular product/service/business by using image, sound, and text in many different ways. Adverts affect our […]

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Evaluation of Magazine “Velo Sport”

I and my partner both produced a cycling magazine called “Velo Sport”. In this evaluation I will have to analyse many factors, which will be described in the essay. I will look at a lot points individually and consider the following factors; the masthead, the colours used, the house style, the main image, the logo, […]

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Patrick Pearse, and WB Yeats

The theme of rebellion in any work of Anglo-Irish literature will always be sensitively expressed and treated, since the imposition of another country’s will has created what appears to be almost an identity of reaction. One only has to look at the extreme presentation of in John Bull’s Other Island to see how a stereotype […]

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Consider the evidence suggesting that there are different cognitive routes

The persuasion process is something that occurs throughout our daily lives whether we are aware of it or not. Our attitudes are under constant bombardment from countless forms of advertising, propaganda and other individuals; all with varying degrees of success in persuading us to see things their way. Social psychologists (e. g. Allport, 1935) have […]

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How Can Archaeologists Identify and Interpret The Remains

Archaeology employs the same methods and techniques to identify and then interpret the remains of religious activity as it does any other remnant of the past, namely through the discovery and investigation of material – artifacts, organic and environmental remains and features of the excavated landscape – before commencing the process of analysing the significance […]

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Was it western technology that allowed Corte’s to conquer the Aztecs

There were two universal reasons which motivated Europeans in the mid fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, to seek out geographical exploration. First, and the most obvious was the desire to acquire more in terms of material wealth, and the second most important motive was that of religious fervour. The quickest way to get rich was to […]

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What we can learn about children’s event memory

In an age where the risks of paedophilia and child abuse are well known (and publicised) to the public it is crucial that we know how reliable children’s recollections of significant events can be. Due to the realisation that this knowledge can have a huge impact upon the judicial system as thousands of children testify […]

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The Categorical Imperative and its Shortcomings

When you are in a given situation in which you need to make moral judgment, how do you come to decide what is morally correct? Two popular tests used to make such decision question the consistency, and fairness of the situation at hand. However, these two tests leave much to be desired. Immanuel Kant provides […]

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Theory of Knowledge Self-evaluation report

My presentation topic was “The existence of God, and the problems caused by such a knowledge claim. ” I acknowledge that this topic is a very sensitive issue and tried as hard as I possibly can to not to offense any listeners on the spot. My main objective of this presentation is mainly to make […]

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How active audiences make media choices freely

Audience, once thought to be passive has shifted to actively interpret media messages in various forms over the years. Individuals come together as a group to construct their own interpretation with their thoughts and knowledge of pre-existing beliefs. Lets examine the various arguments to look at how active audiences make media choices freely, the way […]

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The Way in Which We Perceive People

This essay will discuss the theories of prejudice and the processes of how it has been involved in people’s attitudes, and how these have changed over the years. It will also look at the theories of Biological, Interpersonal and Psychoanalytic that are the origins of prejudice attitudes and try to examine ways in which this […]

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The impact on British Society of second wave feminism

This essay will examine the impact on British society of second wave feminism. It will discuss first wave and then second wave feminism, and analyse the impact feminism has had in some areas of British society. Although feminist history is usually discussed in waves, this does not mean that in the periods in between there […]

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Theories of Rights

John Rawls, one of the most celebrated contemporary philosophers, puts forward a compelling concept in A Theory of Justice (1971) which attempts to delineate the features of a just society by way of a hypothetical contract, grounded in rationality, arrived at under ideal conditions (Dunne & Wheeler, 1999; Jones, 1994). Rawls (1999: 10) purposes a […]

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