Narration Essay Examples

What was new about Modernist literature

As Ezra Pound maintained, the objective of modernist literature was to ‘make it new’ (Pound; 1934). However, one cannot perceive a definition of such a large literary movement, without, in the post-structuralist manner, by defining its binary definition; realism. Realism was a traditional, non-experimental form of writing which can be characterised by its ‘chronological plots, […]

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Top Girls by Caryl Churchill

Top Girls by Caryl Churchill dramatises contemporary life in 1980s Britain depicting a time of change and shifting priorities and expectations as far as women were concerned within society. The period was characterised by Britain’s first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Yet unlike the country’s political agenda, Theatre was not driven by a female force. […]

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The role of the shaman: similarities and differences

Human societies, in different contexts and at different times, have produced a number of traditional healers whose roles and functions largely overlap. In this paper, drawing on various literature sources, I will argue that the role of the shaman or traditional healer bears striking similarities with that of helping professionals in the Western world, particularly […]

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Sex, Shame and Guilt: Reflections on Bernhard Schlink’s der Vorleser

The occasion for this paper was twofold. One had to do with the fact that I happened to read Bernhard Schlink’s Der Vorleser (The Reader) (1995) and J. M. Coetzee’s Disgrace (1999) in close proximity to each other. This, in itself, is not particularly remarkable because the novels themselves were published within a few years […]

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Dirty Dancing

I will look at the first five minutes (opening credits/character introduction) and the last scene (the last dance). I will show how the direction of the film by Emile Ardolino has made the audience see how ‘Baby’ has grown up and become a woman. This will show how the audience can relate to the film […]

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Present a detailed essay on one film or one broadcast fiction

In this essay I am going to look at the film American Beauty starring Kevin Spacey and Thora Birch. I am going to look at the way in which it appeals to its audience and how it comments on today’s society. I am also going to apply the key concepts to elements of the film […]

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How does the usage of cinematography and editing in Code

Code Unknown: Incomplete Tales of Several Journeys is the most technical film of Austrian director Michael Haneke. Haneke is known for his minimalist approach both in technical and artistic terms. His editing is always meticulous and the cinematography and narratives are eccentric to say the least. Code Unknown follows the lives of four characters and […]

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The Age of Innocence 1993

Scorsese is widely regarded as an auteur of the cinema. This is because of the way he links certain aspects of the film making process. He combines the different layers of filmmaking to create meaning within his films. The relationship between mise-en-scene and narrative is one that he is strongest at using, so the audience […]

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With detailed reference to at least two films discuss

Film, being a very powerful medium, often raises strong issues about the possible effects movies may have on an audience. What the BBFC and the public worry most about in a film is the content of bad language, sex and most important in Britain, screen violence. It is the latter which often causes the most […]

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The representation of youth/subculture and/or pop culture

It is unlikely to look under stones for heroes and to revere those we may catch a glimpse of in the back alleys of some anonymous pub on a foggy London street. Some would call the discovery of the anti-heroes that are exalted as kings and queens of British subculture to be unprofessional, not genteel, […]

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Modernity’s Madness and Manifestations of Masochism and Malice

Fyodor Dostoevsky’s birth-year representatively embeds him in two events that determine Russia’s course for the next hundred years; Alexander Pushkin, at sixteen years old, became Russia’s first national poet in 1815 and in 1825 the Decembrists’ failed coup d’etat of Nicholas I, the country’s one shot at democracy and exoneration from serfdom, initiated a ‘Frozen […]

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Madame Bovary neither glorifies nor punishes adultery

Madame Bovary was written in 1857 in a time of great social unrest in France. The Revolution in 1772 had led to some movement towards the establishment of equality between the sexes, however, this was to be temporarily abolished with the re-introduction of the monarchy and women’s roles within society were redefined once more. The […]

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Greek Myth: Its use and meaning

Traveling in ancient Greek literature was a common theme. Greeks have always been enthralled with journeys which provided knowledge and wisdom to their travelers. Thereafter, traveling was a common activity as part of piracy,1 colonization or exile due to committing a crime. Nostos,2 the notion of return, is a favourite aspect of the plot of […]

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Tom Jones, Sophia

This essay is mainly focused on one of the characters of Henry Fielding’s story: Tom Jones, Sophia, her role and characterization in the story. Although she appears at the beginning of book four, her presence remains solid until the end of the novel. Sophia’s role as a main character is very important in the novel, […]

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The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot and Great Expectations

The novels The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot and Great Expectations by Charles Dickens can both be said to be classified in a genre known as “bildungsromans” that is, they both chart the development of young persons. The Mill one the Floss however, contains two, as it follows the story of both Maggie […]

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Pygmalion and Wide Sargasso Sea

In the works of Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion and Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea (WSS) it is clear to see that both authors were proficient in their genre field and were aware of the traditions and conventions required for their chosen texts, however both exploited traditions and conventions to suit their needs. Bernard Shaw a self […]

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Postmodernism has been described as “illusion-breaking” art

The phrase “illusion-breaking” could be taken in a number ways, in this essay it is understood as a way of saying that the barriers of illusion are being stretched and tested. In the same way someone can achieve a record breaking result, a postmodernist can achieve an illusion-breaking novel by exposing illusion and taking it […]

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What do we learn about Paul D’s character

Paul D, “the last of the Sweet Home men,” is waiting on the porch of 124 when Sethe comes home from work one afternoon. Sethe has not seen Paul D in eighteen years, since they were both slaves at the Kentucky plantation called Sweet Home. He has had, in total, a 24-year relationship with Sethe, […]

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Ulysses Paper

While no major events take place in the opening chapter of Ulysses, it remains an important one because it introduces the elements that will play out as the novel continues. In relation to the rest of the novel, the opening chapter raises a series of questions that the reader expects the remainder of the novel […]

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‘Perfume’ by Patrick Suskind

This extract of ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Suskind written in first-person narration explores and captures the author’s portrayal of the olfactory sense in eighteenth century France, where rests the foulest city of stench, Paris. The diction, literary devices and on top of that, the use of revolting visual imagery to describe each particular unappealing smell encompassing […]

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Homosexuality and the Church

“Is writing a spontaneous process? Or is it the result of detailed planning? Can one write without a research base of sources he or she can dip into or is research the pivot around which his creativity revolves? There are rules for research in writing. Research is educative, informative and enlightening. It invests the writer […]

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