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Analysis of Marketing Promotional Strategies of London Dungeons

The Market Department who are a team that works for London Dungeons in order to ensure that the firms brand identities are maintained through the use of communication They do this by creating brand awareness and identified their target market that are, and potential market and the use of visual representation of the brand i.e. […]

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Analysis of adverts – Purpose and Audience

The purpose of all four adverts is to inform the target audience of the product, and to persuade the consumer to buy the product, the language that is used by each company to advertise varies depending on the age group of the consumers that the product is being aimed at. Both the L’Oreal adverts are […]

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Why has bloody sunday been represented in such different ways

The events that happened in Derry 30th, January 1972 have led to much controversy that an official report will not be made until 2007, 35 years later there was meant to be a peaceful march from Creggan to Guild-hall. The army stopped the march going to guild-hall which made “yob-os” furious which caused them to […]

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The relationship between the brain and behaviour using the case

In this assignment I intend to explain what we can learn about the relationship between the brain and behaviour using the case of Phineas Gage to highlight their connections. I will then continue by describing methods such as invasive and non-invasive techniques used by psychologists to supplement our knowledge of this relationship. Brain damage or […]

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Teaching Shakespeare in the Context of Renaissance Women’s Culture

The first article that I discovered by using the MLA Database was “Teaching Shakespeare in the Context of Renaissance Women’s Culture”, by Jane Donawerth. 1 Jane Donawerth is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Maryland at College Park, where she teaches Renaissance literature, history of rhetorical theory, and science fiction and utopias […]

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Evidence based practice

Evidence based practice (EBP) is the knowledge base supporting an intervention. EBP consists of various pieces of research, studies and trials conducted to test the efficacy of an intervention. (Dawes et al 1999). An important role within nursing is the ability to access information in order to compile an evidence base to support practice or, […]

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Classic studies in psychology merely tell us what we already know

So called ‘classic’ studies are dubbed such because of the high profile they have achieved, normally attributed to the influence the study has had or the contribution it has made to a specific area of psychology. Although no-one can dispute that some of these studies affected the way in which certain topics were approached and […]

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African-American Organized Crime & Today’s Youth Gangs

African-American organized crime, although present, has not maintained a true record of its existence. The amount of information that is known is relatively small but informative. These organization are believed to have been in place for at least a century. These organizations were important to the African-American community just as it was important to the […]

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Analysing the 18-30 advert for Majorca.

The 18-30 title is staggered; I think that this is meant to send out the message that the holidaymakers are fun, outgoing and a little bit disorganised, in a good way of course. It implies that the rest of the advert is going to be very laid-back and easy to read. There is no harsh […]

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How does the film ‘Witness’ show the clash

The film ‘Witness’ is about an Amish woman called Rachel and her son, Samuel, on a journey, from their Amish home in Pennsylvania, into the city to visit an Amish cousin. Whilst waiting for their train Samuel witnessed a murder in the toilets of the station and as he was the only witness they were […]

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What is health promotion

In brief, health promotion is usually either a government initiative or commercial idea to make people aware and responsible for their own health. This can be approached by many methods such as providing information about health risks and hazards, by getting people to participate in learning techniques or organising individuals to act collectively in order […]

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Homosexuality and the Church

“Is writing a spontaneous process? Or is it the result of detailed planning? Can one write without a research base of sources he or she can dip into or is research the pivot around which his creativity revolves? There are rules for research in writing. Research is educative, informative and enlightening. It invests the writer […]

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Family Matters

I was given a task to produce a project based on a sociological topic. From the wide range of subjects available, I have chosen to investigate, ‘Family Matters’. From this subject, I then had to think of a suitable question that my whole project will be revolving around. The question I have chosen to examine […]

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How Georgian is the Georgian house

The Georgian House is situated in a very popular area for the Georgian period. Before living at the Georgian House Pinney lived at No. 5 Park Street but he was “a renter- not a purchaser of the house” (‘Bristol a Gateway to Empire’ C M McInnes 1939). This quote tells us that Pinney was dissatisfied […]

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The murders of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholls

Source a suggests that the murders of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholls were brutal and callous. Source A also gives the impression that the women were prostitutes and that the murders were not committed in order to steal from them. As well as this Source A implies that London had not seen murders this horrid […]

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History Vietnam War

After reading into this source I have learnt that the main reason for the U.S.A s involvement in Vietnam. In the year 1956 the U.S.A was the world’s most powerful nation. Also at this time the cold war was at full strength. The USSR (Soviet Union) was the communist world’s most powerful nation and was […]

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Was The New Deal a Succes

1. In 1932 people had started to give up on the economy and the government. The Depression was hurting the country all over. Many people who had wealth became poor overnight and the government was not in a position to help the situation. The people had very little confidence in themselves and the management of […]

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The United States 1919-1941 – Roosevelt and the New Deal

Source A was written by an American academic over fifty years after Roosevelt’s presidency. This makes the source more reliable because the writer would not have been influenced by outside pressures. Writing fifty years after the time meant James T Patterson had access to a range of information and sources of differing opinions. However, Patterson […]

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Show how HG Wells and Robert Bloch Create fear in ‘The Red room’ and ‘Hobo’

During this coursework, I will be studying and comparing two short stories in order to see how fear is created in the writing of different authors. The two short stories I will be using for this essay are ‘Hobo’ and ‘The Red room’. Robert Bloch wrote ‘Hobo’ at the start of the 20th century and […]

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Banking and International Finance

In describing his trading experience throughout the book, Rothchild mentions financial terms that can be unfamiliar to the reader. He has, however, written a glossary defining these terms, which appear to be different from formal definitions in many ways and for various reasons. Rothchild describes a technical analyst as ‘a person who thinks market action […]

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Compare and Contrast ‘The Withered Arm’ with ‘Indian Camp’

In this essay I am comparing and contrasting two stories: ‘The Withered Arm’ by Thomas Hardy and ‘Indian Camp’ by Ernest Hemingway. I shall be concentrating primarily on the structure and language of both novels. ‘The Withered Arm’ was written in 1888, whereas ‘Indian Camp’ is post twentieth century, written in 1946. Both tales are […]

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