Informal Essay Examples

Application and Evaluation of SSM as a Problem Solving Methodology

1) Introduction: Soft system thinking is a form of systematic thinking that understands realities as the creative construction of the human beings (Jackson, 1999). It generates and works with an evolving appreciation of the people’s point of view and intentions. Hence, the soft system thinking is concerned with a situation as they are defined through […]

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The strategic importance of the role of purchasing and procurement

For many decades, many industrialists have undermined the strategic importance of the role of purchasing and procurement. Textbooks in the area claim that the role has been overlooked, neglected and underestimated to favour other such functions within as such areas as marketing, accounting and engineering. Such functions are often regarded as “white collar” functions. However, […]

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A Feasibility Analysis For Red Bull In South Korea

Red Bull was created by an Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz. Since its introduction in 1987, Red Bull is distributed in over one hundred and thirty countries. Red Bull sold close to three billions cans worldwide in 2006. The company’s shares have risen drastically over the past few years since it is one of the most […]

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The ICANN Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy

The introduction of the UDRP to deal with domain name disputes has provided a valuable alternative to the courts. However possible evidence of inconsistency, bias and procedural errors will only undermine this reputation. In order to assess the merits of ICANN’s UDRP procedure, these claims must be carefully investigated. Before, I dive straight into the […]

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Sportswear has become an integral part of everyday dress

Sportswear can be defined as ‘clothes for sport or informal wear.’ The Oxford dictionary (1992). This definition is enough to suggest that sports clothing is no longer worn only during sport. Through the twentieth century a shift has occurred in which sports clothing is also worn as informal and fashion wear. It probably was not […]

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Analysis of adverts – Purpose and Audience

The purpose of all four adverts is to inform the target audience of the product, and to persuade the consumer to buy the product, the language that is used by each company to advertise varies depending on the age group of the consumers that the product is being aimed at. Both the L’Oreal adverts are […]

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What was new about Modernist literature

As Ezra Pound maintained, the objective of modernist literature was to ‘make it new’ (Pound; 1934). However, one cannot perceive a definition of such a large literary movement, without, in the post-structuralist manner, by defining its binary definition; realism. Realism was a traditional, non-experimental form of writing which can be characterised by its ‘chronological plots, […]

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The issues, such as personality, perception, attitude

1.0 Introduction This report discusses issues, such as personality, perception, attitude and ability within the company and how it can affect the behaviour of individuals at work. 2.0 Personality The term ‘personality’ can be defined by the characteristics of an individual and the way they approach to certain situations and people in the environment. Personality […]

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Was the Fall of the Roman Republic inevitable

The Roman Republic enjoyed reasonable success in its early stages, the conquest of Italy and overseas territories lead to rapid expansion and a surge in population, wealth and culture. However, as this essay will demonstrate this growth of population and increase of wealth was not sustainable; the allies with which Rome went to battle were […]

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Is Economic Development Good For Gender Equality

1. Introduction The South African Constitution Section Nine (9) is concerned with equality of all South African people. It clearly states: “everyone is equal…includ[ing] the full and equal enjoyment of all rights and freedoms…[and] the state may not unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on one or more grounds including race, gender, sex, pregnancy…” […]

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Many scholars would argue that managerial work is infused

In this essay I will examine the meaning of “masculine ethics”, their influence on managerial work and everyday life. Furthermore I will analyse the thesis that management is a gendered practice and then draw/point out possible solutions to this problem. Management is still said to be discriminating against women. This is based on the assumption […]

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Critically evaluate the case for and against global governance

This essay will discuss arguments for and against the phenomenon of global governance with particular reference to existing international governmental structures. Firstly, global governance and globalization will be defined and then their political, economic and environmental aspects will be assessed. Varying ideologies will be evaluated along with their applicability to the present global institutions. Connections […]

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How are poverty and migration linked

Poverty and migration are both complicated, multi-faceted concepts which can be caused by, and affect each other. There are many definitions of poverty in use, but the most common meaning equates overall poverty with deprivation of the basic human need for safe drinking water, information, access to services, insufficiency in food, housing, clothing, medical care, […]

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Dirty Dancing

I will look at the first five minutes (opening credits/character introduction) and the last scene (the last dance). I will show how the direction of the film by Emile Ardolino has made the audience see how ‘Baby’ has grown up and become a woman. This will show how the audience can relate to the film […]

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“The Possibility of Evil”

In this essay I will examine Shirley Jackson’s use of setting in her short story, “The Possibility of Evil. ” I will discuss why Jackson’s choice of a small town setting is crucial to understanding the plot of her story. I will also consider her implications about the nature of evil and will demonstrate how […]

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hat can Marx’s work on capitalism tell us about modernity

In this essay I am going to look at modernity in relation to the work of Marx. I will look at his work on capitalism, including social class inequality, the bourgeoisie and proletariat, historical materialism, alienation and social change and how it contributes to the study and understanding of modernity. Modernity is seen as the […]

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Variable forms are difficult to acquire

Until the late 1960’s it was still the largely subscribed view that children’s language acquisition was, on the main part, innate and occurred independently from the social context and surroundings in which the child was brought up. However there have been movements in recent years to account for the effects that parents and other caregivers […]

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What is Foreign Direct Investment

1. Introduction Since the end of the Second World War one significant phenomenon in the world economy is the rapid growth of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the wake of the rapid expansion of multinational enterprises (MNEs). Although FDI growth slowed even dropped occasionally, it has been maintaining an overall growing trend. With the growth […]

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Punishment and its effectiveness

Punishment is a critical part of life due to its major influence on an individual’s behaviour. Individuals receive punishment all throughout their life, and act as they do depending on the strength, intensity and timing of the consequence, which need to be suited to the action to alter behaviour as desired. In adding something undesirable […]

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To what extent does social class continue to affect voting behaviour in Britain

Social class can be defined as an informal ranking of people in a culture based on their income, occupation, education, dwelling, and other factors1. Different societies however, differ according to social class, due to diverse social factors. Britain was once a class-ridden society. Class was a staple part of the British way of life. Today, […]

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Outline the Institutional View of Public Policy Making

To begin at the beginning, the subject matter of Public Policy making is, in itself, problematic. There are as many definitions and approaches as there are unanswered questions. Nonetheless, it is within this context of ambiguity that this paper seeks to elucidate on the particular approach of Institutionalists to Public Policy making. The essay journeys […]

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