Don’t drink and

Thomas Euriga Professor Jennifer Panza English Comp 113 4 December, 2014Don’t Phone and Drive When a cell phone goes off in a classroom or at a concert, we are irritated, but at least our lives are not endangered. When we are on the road, however, irresponsible cell phone users are more than irritating: They are […]

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Easy Guide to Beginners Triathlon

If you want to become a triathlon athlete make sure you gather a lot a information. But don’t get overloaded with information. Here are few basic principles which you should follow for a quick success. If these principles are followed, you will surely get a rewarding experience in triathlon. 1 Set a goal 2 Reality […]

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Title: Growth takes hold for golf club grip maker. By: SHEA, BILL, Crain’s Detroit Business, 08821992, 6/9/2014, Vol. 30, Issue 23 Database: Small Business Reference Center HTML Full Text Growth takes hold for golf club grip maker ListenPauseStopSelect: SettingsDownload mp3?Close SuperStroke sales soar from $700,000 to $15M Golfers, as a breed, are sometimes known to […]

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Figure Skating – The Equipment Involved

There are several important pieces of equipment involved in the sport of figure skating. However, the prime equipment is figure skates. These skates are generally different from the hockey skates. This difference is definitely very visible as there are large, jagged teeth available. The name that has been given to these teeth is toe picks. […]

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Nascar: Is Hamlin the Next Big Threat?

As all Nascar fans are well aware, this game can have its slow periods. We often seem to go months, even years, with no big news, no major controversies, and no fresh contenders of note. So it’s exciting when a guy like Denny Hamlin comes along. The wildly popular 30-year-old has dared to make big […]

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Between May to July, Malaysian had been surprised by a ‘new’ communicable disease which carried a weird name, it called ‘Chikungunya’, the term is actually derived from the ‘Makonde’ word meaning “that which bends up” as referred to the stooped posture developed resulting of arthritic symptoms of the disease. It is belief that the chikngunya […]

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Legendary and well-known Triathlon events

Every year there are a number of triathlon events which takes place around the world. Some of these races are mentioned here because they were the legends or the favorites of the community because they have grueling race conditions and courses or might have a long history. Some of them are listed here:- Hawaii Ironman […]

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Foundation of Human Development

Foundations of Human Development in Social Environment Nicole Virgins BSHS/325 November 4, 2014 Lois Ann Quinllan Foundations of Human Development in Social Environment Human beings are much different from other species because of their behavioral characteristics. The biopsychosocial dimensions of human behavior is a combination of the biological, psychological, and social factors that explain human […]

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Tiger Woods: Not the Player He Was

For better or worse, Tiger Woods has dominated the golf headlines for over a decade. For a long time this was a good thing, as his raw talent and star power brought new attention to a sport that had traditionally been thought of a niche game for a small group of older men. He has […]

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