Feedback ORM Exam January

This is surprising as the exam format and length was very similar to those in revises years (indeed the breadth of content was actually narrower this year). However the team will look into whether some adjustments may be made next year. One idea is the publishing the research scenario prior to the exam so that […]

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Managing the Brand

Business exist, because of consumers and the ability of organisations to understand consumer needs, desires, motivations and preferences. Products are innovated, developed, modified, standardized, invented or reinvented and the time between those steps is not as long as it used to be. Whether it is mass production or niche production both demand identification of a […]

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Analysis of Electronic Payment Systems

This type s less secure and would have to repeat information for each purchase by the consumer. For example; if the consumer was to purchase music to download they would have to enter the information for each song they purchase. 3. Unlike the micropayment accumulated balance digital payment system enables users to make payments on […]

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Wisdom in a Nutshell

Selling the Invisible A Field Guide to Modern Marketing By Harry Beckwith Warner Books NY 1997 ISBN 0-446-52094-2 252 pages Businesssummaries. com is a business book summaries service. Every week, it sends out to subscribers a 9- to 12-page summary of a best-selling business book chosen from among the hundreds of books printed out in […]

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Simon’s Hostile Tender for Taubman

Introduction: The Taubman Company is one of the preeminent retail developers/owners/managers in the United States and its properties among the most productive in the nation. Simon is the largest shopping center owner and manager in the country and was interested in Taubman because Taubman, a much smaller company, has among the most unique, profitable and […]

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Equine Assisted Therapy

Thesis Statement: Equine Assisted Therapy can be beneficial to substance abuse clients with co-occurring disorders. Equine Assisted Therapy (EAP) is when horses is used as a tool for emotional growth and learning helping adults and children with mental health and behavioral problems, such as mood disorders, addictive behaviors and communication difficulties (Marshall-Lucette & Cantin, 2011). […]

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Transpersonal Care for the Dying

Caring for terminal patients near the end of life is a practical matter than extends far beyond the skills learned in clinical practice and being a competent nurse. It is based on a level of interaction with another human being that transcends the self and attempts to heal on a non-physical plane. The type of […]

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Corrosio Eei

This assignment entailed the task of investigation into the a) Conditions under which corrosion is accelerated, and b) Methods of preventing corrosion. Two experiments were implemented to answer these questions and hence reach a definate conclusion. First off let’s look at the background of corrosion and the way in which it occurs. The first hypothesis […]

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Unit Assessment,

Only staff that is nominated by the (line) manager have access to learner and staff data including the nominated IQ and SEA from the awarding body. In our setting details of those that have access and to which type of data is indicated in the quality files which follow policy guidelines that are linked to […]

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