United States

In 1893 the USA’s international capabilities were limited in many senses. It was a regional power by modern standards although a rather big one. Its external development driven by “manifest destiny” had reached natural boundaries and thus expired its extensive resourses. New markets – an aim and a need – seemed to be heavily defended […]

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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt is one of the most fascinating men to ever sit in the Oval Office. Such was his uniqueness which still resonates with people to this day. Whether he was giving a speech for two hours despite being shot in the chest and the bullet still lodged in his body, or threatening to bash […]

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Presidential Term Limits for US President

Establishing term limits for political leaders is a common practice especially in the democratic world. Since orient times it was clear to humanity that, man undergoes a growth and development process of which the level of effectiveness is optional in middle life and diminishes steadily with old age. This was largely the basis on which […]

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Presidential Authority and War Making Powers

As the 21st century approaches the conclusion of its first decade, the American people, and indeed the people of the world, find themselves faced with a myriad of challenges and issues to be addressed. A prominent and extraordinarily important question in American national politics revolves around the proper and correct extent of presidential authority in […]

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Small business

Small business creates three of each four working places in the USA. 53% of American citizens work in small companies. Small business supports 55% of all innovations in the country economy. 19. 1 million American citizens have their own small business; every tenth American had to create his own business not by his own will: […]

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President Truman and the Atomic Bomb

Just after World War II had ended there were few individuals who were against President Harry S. Truman in his plan to use the atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945 (Dinkins). His motives along with the acceptance shown by the American people can be compared to those of President […]

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The Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt

The book that I have selected to evaluate critically is The Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt by Lewis L. Gould. This book provides an account of the Theodore Roosevelt life as a president. It does not include his pre and post presidential years and only tries to locate different facets of his presidency. This book a […]

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President George Walker Bush: A Profile

George Walker Bush is not a very likeable person to many people. He swaggers as he walks, opinionated, firm and intractable. His go-go style though is refreshingly reassuring and had helped him win the presidency by a very close margin in 2000 against Al Gore, former U. S. vice president and crusading environmentalist. While he […]

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President Clinton’s Famous Speech

A rented Ryder truck parked in front of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City at around 9:02 in the morning of April 19, 1995. The truck contains about 5,000 pounds of explosive material and exploded right then and there killing around 168 people. The event was to become the “deadliest domestic terrorist […]

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