Homers The Odyssey, a magnificent story of lust, deceit, greed, and heroism, still fascinates scholars and casual readers alike today in the same way it fascinated its audience at the time it was written. The Odyssey, a journey of determination, patience, and virtue, tells the tail of Odysseus, the main character, on his voyage home […]

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The Scarlet Letter: Do You Dread Guilt?

The Scarlet Letter: Do You Dread Guilt?What is guilt? We all have guilt about something. Maybe forgettingsomething, lied about something, or even did something that shouldn’t of beendone. In The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne we saw guilt fester in theminds and outward appearance of the main characters, Hester Prynne, ArthurDimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth. When […]

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Adolescence is a time of storm and strife

Adolescence is a time of storm and strife. Adolescence is a period of time between childhood and adulthood. This is the age when one can either make something of his life or destroy it all, this is the time when a person makes those friends who changes the how he looks at life and how […]

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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was born on February 25, 1955. He was soon adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs of Mountain View, CA. Steve wasnt happy at school in Mountain View so the family moved to Palo Alto, CA. Steve attended Homestead High School. His electronics teacher recalled that he was something of a loner and always […]

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Water Analysis

WaterWater is used all around us everyday and is essential in the maintenance of life. Water is a requirement of the human body for the smooth functioning of body systems. Substituting other fluids for water can negatively impact one’s health, especially in the case of children. Children who drink juices in the place of water […]

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Purpose: to discover what God has to say about faithFaith is what the Bible describes in Hebrews 11:1 as the Substance of thingshoped for, the evidence of things not seen. This suggests that even though we cannot seesomething like the wind, we should believe that it is there. The Bible is probably the bestsource to […]

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The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

Tom Kelly“You don’t know about me, without you have read a book by the name of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” but that ain’t no matter. that book was made byMr. Mark Twain, and he told the truth, mainly. There were things which hestreched, but mainly he told the truth. That ain’ nothing. I never […]

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Competitve Analysis of The PC Industry

.0 IntroductionThe opening of the 21st century arrived with an economic limp. Dragging behind it a spirit squeezed by imploded exuberance, the economy led some to give up on change and growth. Companies cut new programs, pulled out of or shut down corporate ventures, retrenched and played it safe. Yet, simmering barely beneath the surface […]

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Racial Profiling by Police Sociology Racism Prejud

ice EssaysRacial Profiling by Police Racial profiling by police officers would make more sense if whites were targeted instead of African Americans, according to the author of the new book Race and Justice (Nova Science Publishers, 2000). In the book, author Rudolph Alexander, Jr., associate professor of social work at Ohio State University, examined 1996 […]

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