Moral Goodness Through Ethical Principles

Moral Goodness Through Ethical PrinciplesThe ability to interpret the morally correct (morally good) resolution to a moral, when confronted by a moral dilemma, can be a very difficult task. Ethics is the search for universal objective principles for evaluating human behavior, good or bad. In societies, ethics are developed by their religious beliefs, government, and […]

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United States as a superpower

As we head toward the 21st century, America will be the greatest influence to the rest of the world as being the only true superpower in the post-cold war era. It is the only country with the military, diplomatic, political and economic might to handle any type of conflict or misfortune that may arise. The […]

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Whales, dolphins and porpoises make up the classification order Cetacea,which contains two suborders, Mysticeti and Odontoceti. The baleen whalesare members of the Mysticeti suborder, while the toothed whales, dolphinsand porpoises make up the suborder Odontoceti. Altogether, the two suborders contain eighty-one known species, separatedinto thirteen different families. In each family are a number of species, […]

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Morocco,is a country in the northwestern corner of Africa. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea on the north and the Atlantic Ocean on the west. The Strait of Gibraltar, which connects the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, separates Morocco from Spain by only about 8 miles (13 kilometers). Fertile plains lie along Morocco’s coasts, and […]

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The unique nature of diamond is heavily dependent upon its composition, crystalstructure, and mechanical, thermal, and electromagnetic properties.1 Of thosedependencies, composition exacts the most influence over the characteristics. Crystal structure is the repeating pattern of diamonds composition, and eachof the properties are the result of molecular interaction which is determined bycomposition. Therefore, composition is paramount […]

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The Kingdom Of Kush

World History 10B1/23/04South of Egypt, going more south of the Nile River, lay an area thatis known as Nubia. Nubia was the home and birthplace of the kingdom ofKush. Nubia was “an important corridor of trade for gold, ivory, ebony, andostrich feathers” (World History: People and Nations, 299). Kush was asmall kingdom compared to all […]

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A Walk to Remember – The Human Heart Walk to Remem

ber Essays A Walk to Remember – The Human Heart A Walk to Remember, by Nicholas Sparks take you on a whirlwind journey into the depths of the human heart, and leads Landon, one of themain characters, to a decision so stunning it would lead him irrevocably on theroad to manhood. Landon the most popular […]

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Endangered Species

Vimal RavalProf. ClancyThe American Alligator is an amazing reptile, having survived almost unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs. Having been hunted almost for extinction, this reptile has made an amazing comeback in recent years. Inhabiting almost every body of water in Florida. American alligator are not considered endangered species, but these harsh looking creatures […]

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Lab Report Of The Cells

Introduction:The Cell, the fundamental structural unit of all living organisms. Some cells are complete organisms, such as the unicellular bacteria and protozoa, others, such as nerve, liver, and muscle cells, are specialized components of multicellular organisms. In another words, without cells we wouldn’t be able to live or function correctly. There are Animal Cells and […]

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