America Must Join the International Community Poli

tics Political EssaysAmerica Must Join the International Community For the past century, Americans have viewed the United States as standing as a symbol of strength, freedom, and prosperity. Recently, however, this symbol of higher society has been directly attacked by those who strongly disagree with the values projected by the United States. This is one […]

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Greet and introduce themselves

Describe how employee’s of Carphone Warehouse and BSB Sky would: 1. Greet and introduce themselves: Carphone Warehouse- When a customer comes into the store they should go up to a customer and welcome them with a pleasant welcoming smile and introduce themselves as in ‘Hello sir/madam my name is Tanvir Ahmed, how can I help you?’. In […]

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Personnel selling

1. Explain how to communicate with customers. Carphone Warehouse- In Carphone Warehouse an employee obviously has to speak to the customers. In order to communicate with customers they have to speak clearly while talking to the customers, they have to use appropriate tone of voice, avoid jargon with external customers and they also have to make […]

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IntroductionUnderstanding the Narcissistic PhenomenonThe so called narcissistic personality disorder’ is a complex and often misunderstood disorder. The cardinal feature of the narcissistic personality is the grandiose sense of self importance, but paradoxically underneath this grandiosity the narcissist suffers from a chronically fragile low self esteem. The grandiosity of the narcissist, however, is often so pervasive […]

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Planing your own business

Gerald will be hopefully taking care of the finance and some of admin work. As his strength show that Gerald is good hard worker. Gerald’s can take responsibility on his work and can communicate with customers, but he is board by doing lot of papers work. He is also a fast typist, but he gets […]

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The profit Target

The profit Target for the first year of training was not achieved, because of the summer holidays. People are going away to others countries, and sometimes the weather is not that good and there’s the credit crunch.  Winter  Summer  Every organization sets Targets to give them a sense of direction to where they are in the industries. Emni […]

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Charles Baudelaire

Charles Baudelaire: Romantic, Parnassian, and SymbolistOften compared to the American poet Edgar Allen Poe, the French poet Charles Baudelaire has become well-known for his fascination with death, melancholy, and evil and his otherwise eccentric yet contemplative style. These associations have deemed him as a patron saint of modernist poetry while at the same time closely […]

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People in organsation

Working practices are developed with combined talents and efforts of all the staff. This includes an organisational structure that enables everyone to contribute to achieving identified targets plus effective team working and staff who understand their won role and contribution to the enterprise. All organisations need some type of structures to operate productively. This is an […]

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What is the Meaning of Life?

What is the meaning of life? This question has puzzled the human race for about as long as it has existed. This begs the question, if no-one has thought of an answer by now, no-one including geniuses such as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, then why ask a fourteen year old boy? The […]

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