The Zen Of Zinn

Dr. Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States might bebetter titled A Proletarian’s History of the United States. In the firstthree chapters Zinn looks at not only the history of the conquerors,rulers, and leaders; but also the history of the enslaved, theoppressed, and the led. Like any American History book covering the timeperiod […]

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The Roman Family: Center of Roman Society

The Roman family after the advent of Christianity has been widely discussed in Roman History. Different historians have looked at the topic in different ways. There are two articles at hand, which deal with this very topic. Brent Shaw, The family in Late Antiquity: The Experience of Augustine and Douglas ORoark, Parenthood in Late Antiquity. […]

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How The Irish

Thomas Cahills book How the Irish Saved Civilization, is called the untold story of Irelands heroic role in maintaining western culture, from the fall of the Roman Empire until the European dark ages. The main point of this book, as specified in the books title, is how the Irish saved civilization. How they allegedly did […]

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A midsummer night dream

A Midsummers Night Dream is one of Shakespeares romantic/comedy plays. This play is about love and all the troubles that it brings to people. It also has a side story about a pompous actor who has a mysterious dream in the forest. The four main characters are all trying to find love with one another […]

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St John The Evangelist

Throughout the human history there have been many saints who have lived among us. They followed Jesus principles and they did Gods will. One of the earliest saints was St. John, and he lived during the times of Jesus. His childhood and his date of birth are unknown, but it is well known that he […]

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The Northern Lights

Word Count: 2136 are poetry, they are nature’s light show, and they are quantum leaps in the oxygen atom. They are elementary particle physics, superstition, mythology and fairy tales. The northern lights have filled people with wonder and inspired artists; they have frightened people to think that the end is at hand. More exact explanations […]

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Terrorism and the International Court of Justice

04/26/01PL SC 14HTerrorism and the International Court of JusticeI.History of International TerrorismII.State Sponsored TerrorismA.IranB.SudanIII. Benefits Derived From TerrorismA.Inexpensive and ability to advance ideologiesB.FearC.PublicityD.Minimal riskE.Lack of public defeatIV.Aspects of TerrorismA.Technological advancesB.Weapons of mass destructionC.Cyber terrorismD.Suicide bombingV.Islamic Terrorist OrganizationsA.Islamic JihadB.Al-Gama’a ai-IslamiyyahC.HamasD.HizballahE.Usamah Bin Laden1.Status of Bin-Laden2. Applicability of International Lawa. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of CrimesAgainst […]

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Capitalism Causing Chaos

Donald Worster wrote about the causes of both the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression in his appropriately titled book, The Dust Bowl. In his book, Worster explains how the two disastrous events were actually connected by one major cause – – capitalism. As immigrants poured into American society in the early 1900s, the cities […]

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The Breakdown And Rebuilding Of South African Soci

ety Within The NovelThe Breakdown and Rebuilding of South African Society within the novel Cry, The Beloved Country“…what God has not done for South Africa man must do.” (25)In the novel Cry, The Beloved Country, written by Alan Paton, some major conflicts follow the story from beginning to end. Two of these conflicts would be […]

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