Database Project

This Video Shop is based in South London, called ‘GoggleBox’. At the moment, the manager has three assistants. The shop has been established for over three years now and is looking for a way to improve its business with new technologies. GoggleBox currently uses a large manual filing system to store all information about customers, […]

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Financial Services

The customer provision has in fact recently won three wards, this again proves the high quality of service that the YBS provides its customers, and these national awards are listed below.  Excellence in Customer Services. Overall Customer Service Professional Financial Services Customer Service Professional The Unisys/Management Today Service Excellence Awards recognises companies who stand out […]

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Customer service with in Sainsbury

In this assignment I have to write a report that clearly shows that I have investigated the customer service practices of an organisation and commented on how the organisation could improve its customer service. The organisation that I have decided to do my assignment on is Sainsbury (J-Sainsbury Plc). Introduction to the company J Sainsbury […]

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Customer Satisfaction

Over the last five years, mangers have discovered the full extent to which the opinion of the customer now plays in the success or failure of an organisation. Strong management, discipline and a good business plan are all of course essential in determining the success of a business, however nowadays many businesses fully appreciate the […]

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Currently the businesses are selling different ranges of cards

Currently the businesses are selling different ranges of cards to specialist shops and retailers. The business out sources the card’s designs from a graphics company called ‘Graphsoft’ who make the designs then send it to the company who upload the designs and prints the different designs. This card company has a well spell out hierarchy […]

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Players are entering into the market

Crossword is one of the pioneers in the field of retail book stores. Currently, the industry is going through a phase of rapid transformation – existing players are consolidating and new players are entering into the market. The already tight margins in this business appear set to be squeezed further. The major players currently in […]

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CRM – Does theory work in practice?

There is great debate on the use of Customer Relationship Management in practice. There are two differing views and in this discussion document both points will be analysed with use of examples and the relevant theory emphasised by models and frameworks. “CRM is about having a good IT system, therefore, many firms believe they are […]

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Developing Distributed and E-Commerce

A business model can be defined as “a high-level description of an application type which contains all the common features which can be found in specific examples of the model. ” (Ince, D, 2004). In short a business model could be thought of as the architecture or layout the e-business site will take to provide […]

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This Is How You Write Headlines That Hook ’em!

The headline is the most important part of your sales letter or space ad. You could have the best advertising copy and the best product, but it doesn;t matter if;the reader doesn't get past the headline.;Changing the headline can make a huge difference in your response rate, even if you don't change one word in […]

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