Center for Economic Policy Analysis

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is commonly seen by economists and policy makers as a premier agent, not only of globalization, but also of economic growth and development. In fact, in light of the Asian and South American financial crises, in which portfolio flows proved to be flighty and unreliable, FDI is now treated more than […]

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Trading on primary commodities on the decline

Given the findings of the report, the author made several suggestions and recommendation saying: “Meanwhile, even within its current mandate, the WTO could do a few important things for the environment. The most obvious contribution would be to address remaining trade barriers on environmental goods and services in order to reduce the costs of investing […]

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Industrial Products

U. S. A and E. U. which came into conflict in agri-subsidies came together in the Industrial Products. They made Import duties come down to 0-5%. They have no fear that, from the poor countries also Industrial goods come because they have confidence on the industrial growth of them. The countries which haven’t crossed the […]

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Burrito Chain Assembles A Winning Combo

There is a great opportunity when someone invests in the rising Mexican fast food market. Normally, amateur businessmen go on for traditional method of promoting his product to his target market. But persons who have a unique method of promoting his venture for this industry can still cope up as long as he could maintain […]

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Principles of the trading system

“The WTO establishes a framework for trade policies; it does not define or specify outcomes. That is, it is concerned with setting the rules of the trade policy games. Five principles are of particular importance in understanding both the pre-1994 GATT and the WTO: 1. Non- discrimination 2. Reciprocity 3. Bindng and enforceable commitments 4. […]

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Commodities Benefits, Commodities Risks

A Company should allot considerable amount of its capital in order to assure its employees and its customers with the safety of handling its products. But there should be a proper allocation in order that their assets are also protected. Commonly, companies should at least meet the given safety standards of the government but they […]

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Future Predictions of IT industry

“The key for the future of the development of the Information Technology is the wireless technology which enables the user to use and access his computer or Internet where ever he is and what ever he is doing”. This is the prediction of four giants in the field of the Information Technology Michel S. Dell […]

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Microsoft’s Instant Messenger

As to the personal computer operator, how has Microsoft best addressed these security issues? Instant messaging and personal e-mails accounts are always the greatest risk factors or were until the invasion of spyware laden popup ads. Microsoft’s Instant Messenger had maintained for awhile as one of the leading chat forms until the production of AOL […]

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Microsoft & the World Wide Web

Microsoft began as a front runner with the use of its Windows programs that were adaptable to all types of computers. In steady progress, Microsoft appeared to have developed a monopoly in the internet but the United States Justice Department filed an antitrust suit against the company and though it was an overthrown decision in […]

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