Ecology For Kids Vocabulary 4th grade

organisms an individual form of life, such as a plant or animal directly in a direct line or way, straight affect to cause a change in something or someone traces a very small amount vast very great in area; huge habitats the place where a plant or animal naturally lives variety a number of different […]

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"Building a Better Vocabulary"- Some words that express Annoyance and Disgust

Gadfly (n.) 1. A persistently annoying person who questions, critiques, and pesters. 2. An insect that annoys livestock by biting and sucking their blood. Querulous (adj.) Full of complaints; complaining in an annoyed way [Used to describe a person or his or her manner or actions] Peevish (adj.) irritable; easily annoyed, especially by unimportant things […]

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Hold the Flag High Vocabulary

canteen a small container that holds drinks confederacy a group of people, states, or countries that work together glory praise or honor quarrel a fight rebellion a conflict that leads to war stallion male horse union states that are united as one country

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Persia and Greece vocabulary terms

persian empire the biggest empire and it had a centralized government Alexander the Great invaded Persia with a strong armed army. He portrayed himself in Persia and Egypt as a legitimate successor. Athenian democracy direct democracy, athenians opened government offices to all citizens and broadened the base of political participation in classical Greece. Greco-Persian Wars […]

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Academic Vocabulary List 15- Definitions AA Reading- BYU ELC (AVL0351-0375)

trend noun: a general direction of change; something that is currently popular or fashionable exchange noun: an occurrence in which people give things of similar value to each other percentage noun: a number or rate that is expressed as a certain portion of something divided into 100 parts; a part of a whole objective noun: […]

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12 Angry Men Study Quotes & Vocabulary

“You’re a sadist.” 8 “Do you believe the kid’s story? 10 “Lawyers can’t think of everything.” 5 “I want an open ballot. Let’s call out our votes. I want to know who stands where.” 3 “I think that is a good point. We have a job to do. Let’s do it.” Foreman But supposing the […]

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The Razor’s Edge Vocabulary — ALL

affront N: insult; offense; intentional act of disrespect; V: to insult or hurt the feelings of intentionally e.g. Maugham ___________(s) Isabel when he accuses her of killing Sophie. impediment N: obstruction, hindrance, obstacle e.g. Elliott is so dedicated to climbing the social ladder, that he will not allow any ______________ to prevent him from reaching […]

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7th Grade LA Vocabulary Word Map Study Guide

Calamity an event causing great damage; a disaster Plethora a large amount of something Catastrophe an event causing damage Fruitless failing to achieve something; useless Acclimate become accustomed to a new climate or to new condition Adjourn to put off or postpone Analyze discover or examine Appointed designated or chosen Apparatus the technical equipment or […]

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Synonym Vocabulary

Adequate suitable, sufficient, satisfactory, enough, ample Fickle changeable, capricious, erratic, whimsical Humility modesty, humbleness Loathe Hate, detest, scorn,disdain Flamboyant showy,flashy,ostentatious Versatile Resourceful, ingenious, talented Torrid Hot,scorching, burning, broiling Vicious Cruel, ferocious, fierce, violent Opponent adversary, foe, antagonist, competitor Serene tranquil, pleasant, peaceful, composed

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