Ecology For Kids Vocabulary 4th grade

organisms an individual form of life, such as a plant or animal directly in a direct line or way, straight affect to cause a change in something or someone traces a very small amount vast very great in area; huge habitats the place where a plant or animal naturally lives variety a number of different […]

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"Building a Better Vocabulary"- Some words that express Annoyance and Disgust

Gadfly (n.) 1. A persistently annoying person who questions, critiques, and pesters. 2. An insect that annoys livestock by biting and sucking their blood. Querulous (adj.) Full of complaints; complaining in an annoyed way [Used to describe a person or his or her manner or actions] Peevish (adj.) irritable; easily annoyed, especially by unimportant things […]

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Hold the Flag High Vocabulary

canteen a small container that holds drinks confederacy a group of people, states, or countries that work together glory praise or honor quarrel a fight rebellion a conflict that leads to war stallion male horse union states that are united as one country

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Persia and Greece vocabulary terms

persian empire the biggest empire and it had a centralized government Alexander the Great invaded Persia with a strong armed army. He portrayed himself in Persia and Egypt as a legitimate successor. Athenian democracy direct democracy, athenians opened government offices to all citizens and broadened the base of political participation in classical Greece. Greco-Persian Wars […]

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Adjectives To Expand Your Vocabulary

Allusive having reference to something implied or inferred Bilious (adj) peevish or irritable; sickeningly unpleasant Bombastic pompous; using inflated language; Cantankerous Contrary; disagreeable; quarrelsome; stubborn Caustic Corrosive, harsh, stinging Colloquial Characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation Complacent Satisfied with a situation that should be changed or improved Contemptuous Lacking respect; scornful Contentious argumentative; quarrelsome; […]

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ELL Vocabulary Tiers

Tier 1 Words A word that ELLs might not know, like butterfly, but can easily learn when someone points to a butterfly and say, “butterfly.” Another example is “march.” This word can be easily taught by marching in place. Bc this word has multiple meanings, it merits further explanation which can be understood thought oral […]

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Paying for College Vocabulary Web Quest

Associate’s Degree a degree granted after a two-year course of study, especially by a community or junior college. Master’s Degree A second-cycle academic degree awarded by universities upon completion of a course of study demonstrating mastery or a high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice. PhD a doctorate usually […]

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Kaplan GRE Vocabulary

Abase to humble; disgrace Abate to reduce in amount, degree, or severity Abdicate to give up a position, right, or power Aberrant deviating from what is normal or expected Abeyance temporary suppression or suspension Abjure to reject; abandon formally Abscond to leave secretly Abstemious moderate in appetite Accretion a growth in size; increase in amount […]

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Vocabulary Frayer Model

Abolitionist A person who wanted to end slavery Replica a exact copy of something Commemorate honor the memory of Perseverance the state of being patient in effort; continuous attempts; never giving up Access a means to obtain entry or a means of approach Context 1. The parts before or after a word or statement that […]

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Quality Core Vocabulary List- Biology

Active transport Enery-requiring process that moves material across a cell membrane against a concentration difference Adaptation Inherited characteristic that increases an organisms chance for survival Amino acid Compound with an amino group on one end and a carboxyl group on the other end Anaerobic Process that does not require oxygen Aerobic Process that requires oxygen […]

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Advancing Vocabulary Skills Chapter 25

Disparity an inequality or difference, as in ages or amounts Forestall to prevent or hinder by taking action beforehand Insidious working or spreading harmfully but in a manner hard to notice; more harmful than is evident at first Insinuate to suggest slyly Interrogate to question formally and systematically Obsequious overly willing to serve, obey, or […]

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Life Is Choices Crossword Puzzle Vocabulary

Culture a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization. Slavery opposite of self control. Rebel rejecting the world’s vision for your life. Choices the opportunity or power to choose between two or more possiblities. Holiness having a divine quality, being perfectly good. Character the way you think, feel, act. […]

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GRE Advanced

cacophony loud confusing disagreeable sounds chicanery the use of tricks to deceive someone (usually to extract money from them) opprobrium a state of extreme dishonor desiccate lose water or moisture inchoate in an initial stage; not fully formed anachronistic chronologically misplaced iconoclastic characterized by attack on established beliefs or institutions approbation official recognition or approval […]

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Through My Eyes Vocabulary Building Activities

Courage Strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty. Education Knowledge or skill gained from study or practice. Sharecropper A farmer who works land for the owner in return for a share of money made on the crop. Boycott To join with others in refusing to deal with a person, organization, or country. Integration Bringing people […]

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Korean Vocabulary List 11

가방 Bag 강아지 Puppy 건물 Building 고기 Meat 공 Ball 공책 Notebook 기분 Feeling/Mood 길 Road 껌 Gum 꽃병 Flower vase 노래 Song 돈 Money 모자 Hat/cap 목 Throat 물 Water 바람 Wind 배 Stomach/ship 산 Mountain 색 Color 선생님 Teacher 어머니 Mother 얼굴 Face 이야기 Story 자동차 Car 줄 Line 짐 Load/burden 책 Book […]

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Vocabulary Activity 4-3 Social Development

It fulfills the need for closeness Clique Symptoms include binge eating and purging Bulimia Nervosa Peer groups are held together by _____. Conformity Symptoms include a refusal to eat. Anorexia Nervosa People suffering from _____ have a distorted body image. Anorexia Nervosa Discomfort with dressing differently than the group you belong to often is an […]

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Unit 7 Vocabulary – Synonyms

pathetic moving, distressing, pitiable, heartrending gullible overtrusting, innocent, naive, credulous quash to crush, suppress dissect to cut apart, analyze, examine persevere to plug away, pursue, stick to it fatality a casualty, mortality prevaricate to fib, stretch the truth, equivocate expend to spend, consume, use up; to disburse authorize to order, entitle, empower; to approve writhe […]

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Preamble to the Constitution: Vocabulary Lesson

form create Union Nation Justice Fairness Tranquility Peace defence Protection Welfare Well-being Liberty Freedom Posterity Descendants ordain enact Constitution Law

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Hindi Vocabulary: Nature

phūl flower sūraj sun chānd moon (chandramā – Used in poetry) āsmān sky zamīn earth tārā star bāriś/varṣa rain (colloquial/formal) nadī river bādal cloud bijalī lightning indrā dhanuś rainbow havā/vāyū wind patthar stone āg fire sonā gold samudr sea sāgar ocean peḍ tree podha plant mausam weather/season tūfān typhoon/storm garmī heat/warmth/summer basant spring sharad fall […]

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Academic Vocabulary List 15- Definitions AA Reading- BYU ELC (AVL0351-0375)

trend noun: a general direction of change; something that is currently popular or fashionable exchange noun: an occurrence in which people give things of similar value to each other percentage noun: a number or rate that is expressed as a certain portion of something divided into 100 parts; a part of a whole objective noun: […]

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12 Angry Men Study Quotes & Vocabulary

“You’re a sadist.” 8 “Do you believe the kid’s story? 10 “Lawyers can’t think of everything.” 5 “I want an open ballot. Let’s call out our votes. I want to know who stands where.” 3 “I think that is a good point. We have a job to do. Let’s do it.” Foreman But supposing the […]

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