Unit 4: How many are there? How much is it? / ?Cuantos hay? ?Cuanto cuesta?

Ella es alta y tiene el pelo largo y castanoShe is tall and she has long and brown hair. El es bajito y tiene orejas grandesHe is short and he has big ears. Somos de mediana edadWe are middle-aged.

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four phases of mitosis

prophasefirst and longest phase of mitosis, during which the chromosomes become visible and the centrioles separate and take up positions on the opposite sides of the nucleus metaphasesecond phase of mitosis, during which the chromosomes line up across the center of the cell anaphasethe third phase of mitosis, during which the chromosome pairs separate and […]

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Human Anatomy: Functions of Skeletal Muscle Tissue

Body movementBones of the skeleton move when muscles contract and pull on the tendons which attach the muscles to the bones. Maintenance of postureContraction of specific skeletal muscles stabilizes joints and helps maintain the bodys posture or position. Postural muscles contract continuously when a person is awake to prevent collapse. (When a person falls asleep […]

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Which of the following is an example of unethical or illegal coding?

which of the following is an example of unethical or illegal coding?Dividing service provided into separate codes when a single code is available Inclusion of all the relevant complications as documented in the patients medical record using code numbers for the minimum payment allowed strict adherence to coding for only procedure performed at your facility […]

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Which of the following is a result of forming strategic alliances

Classical Macroeconomicsmarket economy works wells, aggregate fluctuations ( govt cannot improve the efficiency of the market economy). Monetarist Macroeconomicsfluctuations in the quantity of money generate the business cycle. Multiplier ( depends on imports and income taxes both which make the multiper smaller)determine the change in equilibrium expenditure and real GDP that it generates. (autonomus, investment, […]

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Translation Occurs in Three Phases

initiator tRNAtRNA carrying the first amino acid in the polypeptide translation initiation in eukaryotes and bacteriasmall ribosomal subunit binds near the 5 end of mRNA and identifies start codon sequence final stage of initiationlarge subunit joins small subunit to forma intact ribosome and translation begins

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Functions of the parts of the heart

arteriescarry blood away from the heart veinsreturn blood to the heart ventricleslower chambers of the heart that pump blood into vessels to leave the heart.

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Samuel Slater

AmbitiousHaving a strong desire for success Constanthappening too often; happening continually idealperfect for a special purpose

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Cluster C: Behaviors that are described as anxious or fearful

Avoidant Personality Disorder: DefinitionExtreme sensitivity to rejection Social withdrawal Prevalence is between 0.5% and 1% and is equally common in both men and women. Clinical Picture for Avoidant personalityAwkward and uncomfortable in social situations Low self esteem Shy Fearful Desires close relationships but avoid them because of fear of being rejected Etiological Implications for Avoidant […]

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Where does it occur

BETA OXIDATIONonly in MITOCHONDRIA of Liver and Muscle KetogenesisONLY Liver mitochondria ?(branched chain)- and omega-oxidationperoxisome and Er of liver and kidney respectively

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Parts of Speech Definitions

VERBshows action or state of being; NOUNa person, place, thing, or an idea NOUNanswers: who or what?

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Figurative Language Types

Hyperbole “Exaggeration for an effect. Not to be taken literally.” Example:”I could eat a whole cow.” Metaphor “A figure of speech comparing one thing to another.” Example:”The cat was a puffball.” Personification “A figure of speech in which a thing, quality, or idea is represented as a person.” Example:”The popcorn danced in the microwave.”

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Timed Readings Plus 24A and B – part

statute law, rule curious want to know cravat necktie breeches short pants

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Figurative Language

Simile(símil) comparing two unlike things using words such as “like” or “as” Example: They fought like cats and dogs! Personification…, A figure of speech in which an object or animal is given human feelings, thoughts, or attitudes Metaphorcomparing two unlike things NOT using words such as “like” or “as” Example: How could she marry that […]

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27 Ammendments

1st Amendment Freedom of religion, speech, press, and assembly 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms (the best writing service) 3rd Amendment Quartering troops 4th Amendment searches and seizures (search warrant)

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What are the roles of the president?

What are the roles and duties of the president? Define chief administrator. If want similar unique??paper to go to essaylab.com/order-essay-online

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Big words with simple meanings, fancy words list

Big words and definitions, list of long words. Abbreviate – to shorten, abridge Abstinence – the act of refraining from pleasurable activity, e.g., eating or drinking Adulation – high praise Adversity – misfortune, an unfavorable turn of events Aesthetic – pertaining to beauty or the arts Amicable – friendly, agreeable (See more here)

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Rising action climax falling action definition

Exposition (Inciting Incident) – The background information that is needed to understand the story is provided, such as the main character, protagonist, antagonist, the setting, the basic conflict, and so forth. Conflict – A struggle between opposing forces; the driving force of a story. Rising – Action Is a series of events and actions where […]

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Characteristics of an epic hero: definition, traits, attributes

Excels in skill, strength, and courage Succedes in war and adventure Values honor and glory Usually has a guide Battles demons or monsters Is generous to his followers but ruthless to enemies Is a man of action Accepts challenges and sometimes invites problems Sometimes make rash decisions and takes unnecessary risks Meets monsters and temptations […]

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Functions of the skeletal system

What are the functions of the skeletal system? See??six major functions of the skeletal system. Movement -??Skeletal system provides points of attachment for muscles. Your legs and arms move when the muscles pull on the bones. (Similar information: Website)

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