Polyatomic Ions


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Polyatomic Ions

C2H3O2– Acetate NH4+ Ammonium CO32- Carbonate CN– Cyanide CrO42- Chromate Cr2O72- Dichromate H2PO4– Dihydrogen Phosphate HCO3– Hydrogen Carbonate HPO42- Hydrogen Phosphate HSO4– Hydrogen Sulfate HSO3– Hydrogen Sulfite OH– Hydroxide NO3– Nitrate NO2– Nitrite MnO4– Permanganate Po43- Phosphate SO42- Sulfate SO32- Sulfite ClO– Hypochlorite ClO2– Chlorite ClO3– Chlorate ClO4– Perchlorate Fe3+ Iron (III) Fe2+ Iron(II) Cu2+ […]

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Polyatomic Ions -1

Hydroxide OH -1 Dihydrogen Phosphate H2PO4 -1 Perbromate BrO4 -1 Iodate IO3 -1 Hypochlorite ClO -1 Bromate BrO3 -1 Bisulfate(Hydrogen Sulfate) HSO4 -1 Bicarbonate(Hydrogen Carbonate) HCO3 -1 Cyanide CN -1 Permanganate MnO4 -1 Nitrate NO3 -1 Chlorite ClO2 -1 Chlorate ClO3 -1 Acetate C2H3O2 -1 Perchlorate ClO4 -1 Nirtrite NO2 -1

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World Literature Exam Review

Christopher Marlowe 1st Great English playwright, questioned authority. “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love.” Sir Walter Raleigh Favorite knight and captain of Queen Elizabeth. Secret marriage led to imprisonment for treason “The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd.” Sir Thomas Wyatt Introduced the sonnet to English. Used Petrarchan form for his poems, but never published them. […]

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Gustav Freytag Surveyed to find common storytelling elements and developed a triangle Exposition What happens before the play begins and happens between scenes and off stage Climax Point of greatest dramatic tension Denoument The unwinding (gradual or not) of rising action complications Resolution How things are different for all characters in the end? Inciting Action […]

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World Lit. Exam 1

CTBC Alan Paton Kaffir Boy Mark Mathabane The Winner Barbara Kimenye Prayer to Masks Sir Leopold Senghor A Civil Peace Chinua Achebe The Danger of a Single Story Chimamanda Adiche In Detention Christopher van Wyk Dandelions Monica Cromhout The Hermit Alan Patom Biko Peter Gabriel His Day is Done Maya Angelou about nelson mandela HaPenny […]

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Genres of World Literature

Folklore Fables Legends Mythology Fables Prose or verse to point to a moral Characteristics frequently animals Legends Fictional stories once believed to have been true and handed down Exaggeration of individuals and improbable events Mythology Anonymous work having roots. In primitive folk belief Presents supernatural episodes to interpret natural events Fiction Fantasy Science Fiction Utopian […]

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World Literature vocabulary words

immolation offering or killing made as a sacrifice succor aid; relief somber dark; gloomy incantation chant ecstasy great joy teemed was full of; swarmed babel confusion of voices or sounds subsided settled; lessened; died down flittering flapping the wings rapidly; fluttering well-being the state of being well; health, happiness, or prosperity feigning pretending terminal fatal; […]

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World Literature Unit 5

Theme Central idea which gives the story meaning; it is the interpretation of the events (plot) and persons (characters) in the story from which we learn some truth of human experience Verbal Irony Saying the opposite of what is meant Dramatic Irony Contrasting what a character says and what a reader or audience knows to […]

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