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The primary auditory cortex

3. On what lobe of the brain is the primary auditory cortex located; 4. The subarachnoid space lies between what two layers of meninges; 5. Where are the vital centers for control of heart rate, respiration and blood pressure located? The primary auditory cortex – is located within the temporal lobe, where it receives and […]

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Cell Theory – 3 Parts

Cell Theory #1Cells are the basic structure and function of a living thing Cell Theory #2All organisms (living things) are made out of cells Cell Theory #3only existing cells can make new cells

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03. Triangular Trade ; Roots of Self-Government

Indentured ServantsPoor immigrants who paid for passage to the colonies by agreeing to work for four to seven years Triangular TradeA three way system of trade during 1600-1800s Africa sent slaves to America, America sent Raw Materials to Europe, and Europe sent Guns and Rum to Africa Middle PassageRoute across the Atlantic in which enslaved […]

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Ch 1 nursing fundamentals Potter

Florence NightingaleFounder of modern nursing. Born in 1820 to a wealthy family, grew up in England, well educated and traveled extensively. Trained as a nurse at 31. The Crimean War gave opportunity for achievement. Challenged prejudices against women, and elevated the status of all nurses. Established training school for nurses, and wrote books on healthcare […]

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Projections that are sites of Muscle(tendon) and ligament attachment

ProcessAny bony prominence; projection from the main bone. Example: Styloid process TuberosityLarge rounded projection; may be roughened . Example: Tibial tuberosity CrestNarrow ridge of bone usually prominent . Example: Intertrochanteric crest

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Acids – Strong….or…..Weak?

sulfuric acid (HSO4)weak octanoic acidweak uric acidweak

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What are the roles of the president?

What are the roles and duties of the president? Define chief administrator. If want similar unique??paper to go to

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Big words with simple meanings, fancy words list

Big words and definitions, list of long words. Abbreviate – to shorten, abridge Abstinence – the act of refraining from pleasurable activity, e.g., eating or drinking Adulation – high praise Adversity – misfortune, an unfavorable turn of events Aesthetic – pertaining to beauty or the arts Amicable – friendly, agreeable (See more here)

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Rising action and Climax Falling Action Definition

Rising Action – Is a series of events and actions where conflict increases and moves the story to a climax. Exposition (Inciting Incident) – The background information that is needed to understand the story is provided, such as the main character, protagonist, antagonist, the setting, the basic conflict, and so forth. Conflict – A struggle […]

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Functions of the skeletal system

What are the functions of the skeletal system? See??six major functions of the skeletal system. Movement -??Skeletal system provides points of attachment for muscles. Your legs and arms move when the muscles pull on the bones. (Similar information: Website)

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