Computer Class 12

A ____, sometimes called an archival backup, copies all of the files in a computer. full backup In a disaster recovery plan, the recovery plan specifies ______. 4 million workers with a growth of 10 percent over the past year. Job titles in the management area of an IT department include all of the following […]

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Principles of Success Final

objective tests that ask you to recognize the correct answer from severeal alternatives are If you have the ability and don’t try, you won’t succeed This chapter stresses the importance of motivation. What does the following phrase mean? “If you can and you don’t, it means you won’t” be tuned in and soak up everything […]

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Constitution Part 1–Majority Vs. Supermajority

What bodies have the power to override a presidential veto? House of Representatives and the Senate What margin is required to override a presidential veto? 2/3 vote of both houses Where in the Constitution is the veto power described? Article 1, Section 7, Clause2 What body has the power to ratify treaties? The Senate What […]

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AVID College Terms and Definitions

ACT College admission test that measures English, math, reading, and science reasoning. Scores range from 1-36 along with a composite score and 11 sub-scores broken down by subject areas. An optional writing test is offered. Calculators are permitted on the math test but not on the science test. Advanced Placement (AP®) Tests Designed for students […]

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Sociology Final- Chapter 14

Education is the social institution by which society provides people with important knowledge, including -job skills. -basic facts and information. -cultural norms and values. In low-income nations, most education is a matter of what parents and other community members teach their children. The fact that, historically, schooling has been mostly for elites is evident in […]

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Macroeconomics Quiz 1-4

in all decision making Economic analysis is used Economics deals with how individuals allocate scarce resources to satisfy unlimited human wants wants in economics, all the items that people would consume is they had unlimited income are known as free markets and government control a mixed economic system is best described as an economy with […]

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BACS-382 Exam #1 Review

Near Field Communication (NFS) This technology is predominately used for contactless payment systems Authentication A user entering his/her user name would correspond this action in access control DNS This protocol allows computers to find the IP addresses of a host from a logical name SNMP This protocol uses traps to send notifications for Network Devices […]

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Af American Today

1. Which of the following statements is true of the education of African Americans? a. Blacks as a group have always attained the same level of education as Whites as a group. b. African American children are more likely to have formal prekindergarten education than are White children. c. African American schoolchildren who stay in […]

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Psychology 105 Quarterly Exam 2 (6-9)

_____ stimulus is a stimulus that naturally brings about a particular response without having been learned. Unconditioned Stimulus _____ provides the ability to differentiate between stimuli. discrimination Nature is to nurture what _____ is to _____. unconditioned response; conditioned response Janine completed several tours of duty in Afghanistan. She suffers from PTSD. Now, back home […]

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