Assignment 6 – Life Insurance Policies Practice Exam

Which of the following is an example of a Limited-Pay life policy: A Whole life B Life Paid-Up at age 65 C Renewable Term to age 70 D Endowment maturing at age 65 Text Explanation: B There are three basic types of life insurance: 1) Whole Life, 2) Term and 3) Endowment. Limited Pay Life […]

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College Prep Genius Acronyms

SON Strong Opinionated Negative COAT Completely irrelevant information Obscure information Additional information Totally contradictory information CITATION Circle the citation in the passage Identify the nouns/verbs – circle them Terminate hidden patterns Additional information Totally contradictory information Irrelevant information Obscure information Note the one that restates USE Unquestionably Substitute Each answer choice in sentence PASSAGE PASS […]

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KIN 2504 Chapter 14

300 about _____ LSU students have HIV/AIDS 1 in 250 ______ Americans are HIV positive Baton Rouge has the highest per capital rate of new AIDS cases in the nation 4 times The number of new HIV cases is increasing _______ faster in women 6 times HIV rates in African-Americans are over _____ higher than […]

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Final Exam Econ

Suppose that college tuition is higher this year than last year and that more students are enrolled in college this year than last year. Based on this information, we can best conclude that despite the increase in price, quantity demanded rose due to some other factor changing If the price of movies on VHS rises […]

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american cities experienced tremendous growth between 1865-1900 because peole were drawn from farms in the country to the cities because available industrial jobs one of the most important factors leading to increased divorce rate of late 19th century was stress of urban life the place offering great opportunities for women in the USA between 1865-1900 […]

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Computer Class 12

A ____, sometimes called an archival backup, copies all of the files in a computer. full backup In a disaster recovery plan, the recovery plan specifies ______. 4 million workers with a growth of 10 percent over the past year. Job titles in the management area of an IT department include all of the following […]

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Principles of Success Final

objective tests that ask you to recognize the correct answer from severeal alternatives are If you have the ability and don’t try, you won’t succeed This chapter stresses the importance of motivation. What does the following phrase mean? “If you can and you don’t, it means you won’t” be tuned in and soak up everything […]

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Constitution Part 1–Majority Vs. Supermajority

What bodies have the power to override a presidential veto? House of Representatives and the Senate What margin is required to override a presidential veto? 2/3 vote of both houses Where in the Constitution is the veto power described? Article 1, Section 7, Clause2 What body has the power to ratify treaties? The Senate What […]

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AVID College Terms and Definitions

ACT College admission test that measures English, math, reading, and science reasoning. Scores range from 1-36 along with a composite score and 11 sub-scores broken down by subject areas. An optional writing test is offered. Calculators are permitted on the math test but not on the science test. Advanced Placement (AP®) Tests Designed for students […]

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