First Aid for BSA

TF1-Demonstrate how to care for someone that is choking 1-check scene, call for help, approach safely, provide urgent treatment-heimlich, treat accident victim for shock TF2-Show first aid for simple cuts and scrapes 2-wash scrapes and minor cuts with soap and water, apply triple antibiotic ointment, cover with dry, sterile dressing or adhesive bandage to help […]

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Principles of Marketing Kotler & Armstrong 14th Edition Chapter 4

Customer insights Fresh understandings of customers and the marketplace derived from marketing information that become the basis for creating customer value and relationships. Marketing information system People and procedures for assessing information needs, developing the needed information, and helping decision makers to use the information to generate and validate actionable customer and market insights. Internal […]

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Organic Chemistry Alcohols

aldehyde/ketone to alcohol NaBH4/LiAlH4 carboxylic acid/ester to alcohol BH3/THF for COOH, LiAlH4 for both, replaces OH and OR with H (OR becomes ROH) carbonyl and grignard to alcohol RMgX, RLi, THF, etherreplaces the OR on the ketone and saturates it grignard/RLi preparation any alkyl, aryl, alkene halide but no acidic H allowed alcohol dehydration (1st/2nd/E2) […]

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First Aid Step 2 CS

Key Physical Exam for HS? vital signs inspection and palpation of entire head, ENT inspection Complete neurologic exam- including fundoscopic exam key physical exam for confusion/memory loss? vital signs complete neuro exam MMS and gait general physical exam including ENT, heart, lungs, abdomen and ext key physical exam for dizziness? vital signs, complete neurologic exam- […]

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Chapter 14 , 15 – Marketing Channels, Retailing

Marketing Channels Also the channel of distribution; A set of interdependent organizations that ease the transfer of ownership as products move from producer to business user or consumer; a pipeline; represent the place or distribution in the marketing mix Supply chain The connected chain of all the business entities, both internal and external to the […]

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CPR First Aid AED Final

Check for responsiveness Tap, shout Unresponsive; not breathing, but have a pulse Give rescue breaths, no compressions Unresponsive but breathing Recovery position Once determined unresponsive, with others Tell them to call 911 Adult determined unresponsive, alone Two minutes CPR, call 911 First rescue breath doesn’t make chest rise Retilt, give second breath Open airway using […]

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Principles of Marketing: Chapter 6: Consumer Behavior

Consumer Buying Behavior Buying behavior of people who purchase products for personal use and not for business purposes Consumer Buying Decision Process Problem Recognition, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase, Postpurchase evaluation Level of Involvement An individual’s degree of interest in a product and the importance of the product for that person Enduring Involvement Ongoing […]

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First Aid-General Principles

Immediate care that you give to a victim of an illness or injury before professional medical rescuers arrive first aid Once you are certified in First Aid, are you obligated to help people? No, unless you are at work and first aid is part of your job description Does a victim have the right to […]

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Marketing Management Functions

1st function Develop marketing strategies and plans 2nd function Building strong brands 3rd function create long term growth 4th function Deliver and communicate value 5th function Create long term growth

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