Phrases: Future, Past and Command form of NG ; RR Class Verbs

Yulunga galigu!Dance to the water! Yulugi ngaya galigu.I will dance to the water. Yulunhi ngaya galigu.I danced to the water.

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Credit Mobilier Scandal

In what year did Union Pacific railroad stockholders set up Credit Mobilier?1872 What did the Credit Mobilier do?built railroad tracks at 2 or 3 times the actual price Why did Credit Mobilier overcharge Union Pacific?so Union Pacific could pocket the difference and give some of the money to Congressmen

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Amendments Quiz

1stFreedom of religion. 2ndRight to bear arms. 3rdProhibits the forced quartering of soldiers during peacetime.

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Acids – Strong….or…..Weak?

sulfuric acid (HSO4)weak octanoic acidweak uric acidweak

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How does cell use glucose to make ATP

Cellular respirationIs a process by which organisms change glucose into a form that can be used by the cell, that form ATP All respiration starts with…Glycolysis its like the spark plug of the process glycolysis- changes one glucose molecule into pyruvic acid ; 2 ATP 2 types of respiration1. Anaerobic respiration 2. Aerobic respiration

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6 Characteristics of Enzymes

Substrate SpecificEnzymes are _________ ________ (Lock + Key) Not destroyedEnzymes are ___ _________ (Re-used) Genes_____ determine how many enzymes you have.

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Digoxin (lanoxin)Antidysrhythmic Side Effect: Blurred or doubled vision GuaifenesinSide Effect: Can cause drowsiness Estrogen (premarin)Side Effect: Increase Risk of Thromboembolism with shortness of breath, severe headache, vomiting. Sudden acute pain in the calves, legs, chest, abdomen

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Hydrostatic Pressure VS Osmotic Pressure

What is hydrostatic pressure?The pressure that the fluid exerts on the walls of its container. What is osmotic pressure?The pressure required to prevent the flow of water across a semipermeable membrane via osmosis What is the main cause of hydrostatic pressure in the Cardiovascular System?The force of blood on the blood vessel walls.

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