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World Literature p. 26-32 readings

What is a mythic hero? Remarkable birth or childhood. Offspring of God + human being so possess qualities of immortals and mortals What is a folktale hero? Ordinary person but exceptionally kind, clever, or resourceful. What is a quest? Journey taken in search of a person or object of great value. What is Theseus background? […]

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World Literature A-C Vocab Quiz

Abandon total lack of inhibition Abase to humble, to disagree Abate to decrease, to reduce Abbreviate to make shorter Abdicate to give up position, right, or power Baleful harmful, with evil intentions Balk to stop short and refuse to go on Ballast a structure to help stabilize or steady Banal Trite, overly common Bypass avoid […]

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World Literature 2 Figurative Language

Simile A comparison using like or as. metaphor figure of speech comparing two different things. conceit A fanciful expression, usually in the form of an extended metaphor or surprising analogy between seemingly dissimilar objects. synecdoche A figure of speech in which a part is used for the whole (as hand for sailor), the whole for […]

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Abeka World Literature Quiz 24

Apollyon the “foul friend” Christian saw coming over the field to meet him he had no armor for his back why did Christian decide to face the fiend rather than flee? turn back when Christian came to the second valley, what did the men advise him to do? a voice reciting Scripture what did Christian […]

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World Literature Unit 3

What are the dates for the European Renaissance? 1500-1650 What is the meaning of the word Renaissance? renew Where did the Renaissance begin? Italy What was the primary impact of the Renaissance in England? In Italy? England: literature Italy: visual arts What is the definition of an allusion? implied references What language did every “cultivated” […]

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World Literature (Fourth Edition) A Beka

Theme of Work View the ability to work as a blessing Much afraid’s defects Crooked face; And Crippled legs What did Jimmy Valentine change his name to Ralph Spencer What are the 3 words of strength Faith, Love, Hope What does excelsior mean Still higher Where is Nathaniel Hawthorn from Salem, Massachusetts Which poet is […]

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Masterpieces of World Literature Exam 1

Bengal Renaissance Movement that sought to restore/maintain traditional Indian cultural values while accepting certain aspects of Western culture. Associated with a growing national consciousness that lead to a throwing off of colonial rule. Debendranath Tagore (Rabindranath’s father) Leader of the Brahmo Samaj. Sought to produce the “universal human spirit” Brahmo Samaj Hindu social reform group […]

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World Literature Vocabulary Unit 4

affiliated associated, connected I am very closely affiliated to the organization because my mom is the president of the company that runs it. ascertain determine It was difficult to ascertain the correct answer to the test question because the directions were very unclear. attainment achievement If you do not do any practice problems, it will […]

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a beka world literature unit 1-2 test review

short story an imaginative prose narrative written to five the reader entertainment and insight. it is designed to produce a single impression or effect and is short enough to be read in one sitting plot what happens in the story theme what it means setting the time, place, and general background tone/mood the attitude or […]

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World Literature Unit 1

Give 3 reasons for studying Literature. 1. We are caretakers of God’s creation Psalm 24:1 “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. ” Everything is God’s even literature. 2. It helps us learn about others. Allows readers to understand others. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” 3. Brings us pleasure. Eccelesiastes 3:1 “There is […]

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Abeka World Literature The Highwayman p 26

Alfred Noyes Author of The Highwayman What is the central conflict? The central conflict is the clash between the highwayman and the forces of law and order, the Redcoats. How does the poet create and sustain suspense? The poet creates and sustains suspense by repeating certain phrases such as “And the highwayman came riding/Riding–riding–/The highwayman […]

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OBU Dr. Curlin World Literature Terms

Primary Epic Shows no signs of being influenced by another; includes a hero that exemplifies that what culture values Secondary Epic Epics that are imitating other epics Dactylic Hexameter Form of writing that helps the speaker remember the story Homeric Epithets Form of writing that helps the speaker remember the story Formulaic Descriptions Form of […]

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abeka authors to know world literature chapters 1-8

Charles Dickens A school of Facts Katherine Mansfield The Garden-Party Robert Browning How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix Edna St. Vincent Millay The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver Alfred Noyes The Highwayman Robert Frost The Death of the Hired Man Oliver Wendell Holmes The Wonderful “One-Hoss Shay” Edgar Allen Poe The Tell-Tale […]

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World literature

Good morning miss dove Frances gray patton Education our own work John todd A school facts Charles dickens The garden party Katherine Mansfield A poets plea for poetry Edwin markham How they brought the good news from Ghent to aix Robert browning The ballad of the harp weaver Edna st. Vincent Millay The highwayman Alfred […]

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World Literature Vocabulary: Unit 10

acquiesce to accept without protest; to agree or submit allure to entice, tempt askew twisted to one side, crooked blithe cheerful, lighthearted contentious quarrelsome, inclined to argue covet to desire something belonging to another crestfallen discouraged disheveled rumpled, mussed exponent one who advocates, speaks for garrulous given to much talking insuperable incapable of being overcome […]

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English 10-World Literature(Unit11-The Search for Light)

Who painted “The Tower of Babel”? M.C. Escher What is one of the oldest pieces of literature outside of the Bible? Epic of Gilgamesh Who was the Sumerian king who sought for eternal like? Gilgamesh Who was Gilgamesh’s friend? Enkidu Who was the Sumerian “Noah” figure? Utnapishtim Who guarded the mountain in the Epic of […]

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World Literature 2 Authors

Moliere Book-Tartuffe Characters: Tartuffe, Orgon, Madame Pernelle, Damis, Cleante, Dorine, and Mariane. Literary Period-Enlightenment 1650-1800 Voltaire Book-Candide Characters: Candide, Pangloss, Martin, Cunengonde, Cacambo, Old Woman, Paquette. Literary Period- Enlightenment 1650-1800 Sor Juana Poetry- Philosophical Satire, Poem 145, Poem 164 Literary Period- Enlightenment 1650-1800 Percy Bysshe Shelley Poetry- England in 1819 Book- A Defense of Poetry […]

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Leiningen lived where? Brazil William Rose Benét is what nationality? American “The Erl-king” based on an old German legend, was written by who? Johann Wolfgang von Goethe William Strickland was guilty of what crime? murder Silas Marner lived in what town? Raveloe only thing the raven said to the narrator in “The Raven” nevermore wrote […]

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World Literature- Tragedy

tragedy a drama that gives the audience an experience of catharsis. Protagonist makes a moral decision that influences the outcome of the play Catharsis A purification or purging of emotions. The terror and pity felt by the audience produces catharsis Protagonist a person of nobility 5 elements of a tragedy Prologue, Parados, Episode, Stasimon, Exodus […]

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World Literature 2

Country House Poem The best model is “To Penhurst” by Ben Johnson. A poem in which the author compliments a wealthy patron or a friend through a description of his country house. Describing from a distance Topographical Poem Though predicated on the description of a landscape or piece of scenery, topographical poetry often, at least […]

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World Literature 10 Final – Literature Questions

What are the 6 reasons we study literature? 1) To improve our reading ability 2) To develop discernment and judgment 3) To develop understanding and insight into the nature of man and society 4) To add points of contact for witnessing to unbelievers 5) To help us take dominion 6) To be more like Christ […]

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