Poetry Terms Criss-Cross

Stanza a group of lines arranged together Simile a comparison using like or as Imagery the use if very descriptive, sensory language Meter the pattern if stressed and unstressed syllables in a poem Octave an eight lined poem Personification giving an object human like qualities Idiom a fixed saying that has brought to mind by […]

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6 elements of poetry

lines poems are written in lines. the words stop wherever the poet wants them to. rhyme the repetition of syllable sounds rhythm the arrangement of stresses and unstressed sounds into regular patterns sound effects poets use 3 methods alliteration repetition of a constant sound (s.e) repetition reusing words or phrases in a poem (s.e) onomatopoeia […]

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Advanced Poetry Techniques

Alliterative (Alliteration) Containing repetition of a begging sound in words Anapestic Meter Three syllables with the first unstressed, the second unstressed, and the third stressed Assonance The repetition of a vowel sound in words Ballad A simple narrative poem written in short stanzas Blank Verse Poetry that does NOT use end rhyme that is written […]

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Poetry Quiz #1

end rhyme repetition of identical sounds at the end of successive lines rhyme scheme pattern of rhyming words within a given stanza or poem slant rhymes AKA off rhymes, near rhymes sounds that are close but not exact duplicates of one another onomatopoeia words that virtually replicate sound alliteration repetition of initial sounds in words […]

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Poetry terms and definitions

lyric poetry expresses vivid thoughts and feelings but no plot narrative poetry tells a story with a genuine plot dramatic poetry more like a play which uses techniques of drama such as speaker and conflict to tell a story. speaker the imaginary voice assumed by the writer of a poem; may be a person, animal, […]

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Introduction to Poetry Vocabulary

Poetry One of the three types of literature in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. Lyric Poem A highly musical verse that expresses the thoughts, observations, and feelings of a single speaker. Narrative Poem A type of poem that tells a […]

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Grade 12 Poetry Terms

speaker the narrator of a poem stanza a group of lines arranged together couplet a stanza consisting of two successive lines of verse rhythm a pattern recurring at regular intervals, can be created by meter, rhyme, alliteration and refrain, meter a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables free verse no repeating patterns of syllables, no […]

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Elements of Poetry

Poetry a literary form that combines the precise meanings of words with their emotional associations, sounds, and rhythms. Stanzas grouping of lines Couplets stanzas with two lines Quatrains stanzas with four lines Figurative Language a way of expressing ideas or feelings in a fresh way Metaphors comparing two apparently unlike things Similes making comparisons by […]

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Poetry Terms

Alexandrine a line of verse of 12 syllables consisting regularly of 6 iambs with a caesura after the third iamb Allegory a narration of description usually restricted to a single meaning because its events, actions, characters, setting, and objects represent specific abstractions or ideas alliterative meter repetition of sounds in one line anacrusis one or […]

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