Literature Devices

Literary Devices in Our Town

Allegory Story in which characters/events are symbols that stand for situations. Ex: Our Town: Life’s cycle; Life is just one long day. Play begins at crack of dawn (1st Act: Daily Life), Develops around Mid-Day (2nd Act: Love and Marriage), and ends in the evening (3rd Act: Death). Dialect A different form of writing used […]

Literary Devices A.P. Lit

Alliteration Repetition of consonants at the beginning of words that are near each other or repetition of ronsonants at the reginning of rords that are rear each rother. Allusion A reference to another work of literature or some cultural knowledge that contributes to meaning. Anadiplosis The repetition of the last word of one phrase, clause […]

Grammar & Literary Terms/Literature Devices, Techniques and Elements

alliteration repetition of the same sound at the beginning of two or more words allusion a passing or casual reference to a person, place, or literary work anachronism thing that belongs to a time period other than that in which it is placed antithesis contrast; direct opposite assonance similarity of sound in words or syllables […]

Literary Devices

Tone – The stated or implied attitude toward a subject – Specific words or phrases help us determine the tone of a piece – the tone can be positive, negative, humorous, ironic, etc. – In literature, tone is the attitude or approach that the author takes toward the work’s central theme or subject. – Works […]

Literary Devices

ALLEGORY Is an extended metaphor; Underlying meaning has moral, social, religious, or political significance; Characters are often personification of abstract ideas as charity, greed, or envy ALLITERATION The recurrence of initial consonant sounds; The repetition is usually limited to two words. EX: 1. Ah, what a delicious day! D sound 2. Yes, I have read […]

Shakespeare Literary Devices and Terms

Monologue A long, uninterrupted speech (in a narrative or drama) that is spoken in the presence of other characters. Unlike a soliloquy and most aides, a monologue is heard by other characters. Soliloquy A speech, usually lengthy, in which a character, alone on stage, expresses his or her thoughts aloud. The soliloquy is a very […]

Literary Devices

Metaphor a comparison without using like or as;EXAMPLE The computer is a brain. Simile a comparison using like or as;EXAMPLE The computer is like a brain. Personification A figure of speech in which an object or animal is given human feelings, thoughts, or attitudes;EXAMPLE The tree could feel the war in the air. Symbolism A […]

Literary Devices for 4th Grade to Study

simile a figure of speech that expresses a resemblance/comparison between things using like or as metaphor a figure of speech comparing to unlike things without using like or as alliteration the repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words onomatopoeia a figure of speech in which natural sounds are imitated in the sounds of […]

Rhetoric Literary Devices

Colloquialism A word or phrase used in everyday relaxed speech, not in formal writing Elegy A poem of serious reflection, typically a lament for the dead Epistolary Of or associated with letters or the writing of letters Epitaph A brief literary piece commemorating a deceased person Expletive An unnecessary word or phrase used to fill […]

Common Literary Devices

Alliteration repetition of a single letter or combination of letters. Allusion a brief reference to a presumably familiar person or thing Antagonist one who opposes the actions and efforts of the main character. Atmosphere the mood or feeling evoked by the story. Characterization how the character’s personality is revealed. Climax the moment in the story […]

Literary Devices

Symbol Where something represents or stands for something else. Alliteration The repetition of a consonant sound at the beginning of consecutive words in a sentence. Allusion A brief reference to a person, event, place, real or fictitious, or to a work of art. May be drawn from history, geography, literature, or religion. Analogy The comparison […]

50 Literary Devices (Definitions)

alliteration the repetition of the first sound in words Alice’s aunt ate apples and acorns around August. Better butter makes a batter better. allusion a reference to something literary, mythological, or historical that the author assumes the reader will recognize “When she lost her job, she acted like a Scrooge, and refused to buy anything […]

English 8 – Literary Devices

Imagery The language that appeals to the senses. Metaphor a word or phrase that compares one thing to another in a vivid way. Personification Gives life to inanimate objects. Simile A comparison of two unlike things using like or as. Alliteration When all the sounds are the same together at the beginning. Onomatopoeia sound words […]

Literary Devices

Metaphor figure of speech that makes a comparison between two seemingly unlike things Simile a figure of speech that uses like or as to compare seemingly unlike things Personification a figure of speech in which an animal, object, a force of nature, or an idea is given human characteristics. imagery descriptive language that speaks to […]

British Literature Literary Devices

Alliteration Repetition of initial consonant sounds Anastrophe Inversion of the natural or usual word order Apostrophe 1. punctuation mark; 2. appeal to someone not present (a figure of speech) Archetype A recurring and familiar pattern in literature & drama Blank Verse Poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter Conflict A struggle between opposing forces Connotation Associations […]


ALLITERATION the repetition of initial sounds in successive or neighboring words ALLUSION a reference to something literary, mythological, or historical that the author assumes the reader will recognize ANAPHORA the repetition of words or phrases at the beginning of consecutive lines or sentences ANTITHESIS a statement in which two opposing ideas are balanced EUPHEMISM an […]

Literary Devices (Definition and Examples)

Motif emphasizes theme Theme the message an author wants to portray Theme emphasizes a main point or idea Repetition The faucet irritated me. All it did was drip, drip, drip. Repetition a repeated situation or idea or symbol throughout a work of literature Denotation dictionary meaning Irony Yesterday a firehouse in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, burned down. […]

Literary Devices and Short Story Terms

Allusion A reference (either implied or stated) to mythology, the Bible, literature, music, or history that reinforces a point in the current work — by relying on the reader’s familiarity with the alluded-to work. What does SMOOPHA stand for? Simile, Metaphor, Oxymoron, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Hyperbole, and Alliteration Oxymoron A figure of speech that combines opposite […]

Literary Devices

Allegory Using character/story elements symbolically to represent an abstraction in addition to the literal meaning. Usually deals with moral truth or a generalization about human existence. Alliteration The repetition of sounds, especially initial consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words (as in “she sells sea shells”). The repetition can reinforce meaning, unify ideas, supply […]

Literary Devices

alliteration the repetition of consonant sounds, usually at the beginnings of words or syllables. It gives emphasis to words ex: guilty grin in his thing grey beard allusion a reference in a work of literature to a well-known character, place, or situation or from another work of literature, music or, art ex: ship was an […]

50 Literary Devices (Definitions) – BC English 12 Provincial Exam Review

alliteration the repetition of the initial consonant sound in words assonance the repetition of vowel sounds consonance the repetition of consonant sounds in the middle or at the end of words enjambment when the writer uses line breaks meaningfully and abruptly to either emphasize a point or to create dual meanings imagery when the writer […]

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