English Literature

A Level English Literature; drama, terms for engaging audiences

Monolog A long speech in a play or story, delivered by a single person. Soliloquey A monologue usually revealing the actor’s inner feelings and delievered while alone on stage Social realism Emphasizes influence of social and economic conditions of an era on characters, events, and social institutions Dramatic climax point of greatest interest or intensity […]

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English literature – subject terminology

Alternate rhyme When every other line rhymes Prose Any writing that is not poetry Soliloquy a long speech made by a character in a play while no other characters are on stage. They speak with the audience to reveal thoughts Oxymoron A figure of speech that combines opposite or contradictory terms in a brief phrase. […]

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English Literature: 1600-1700 Authors

Samuel Rutherford Scottish Presbyterian pastor, theologian and author, and one of the Scottish Commissioners to the Westminster Assembly. He has been described as the Prince of Letter Writers. His political book “Lex, Rex” was written in response to John Maxwell’s “Sacro-Sanctum Regus Majestas” and presented a theory of limited government and constitutionalism that raised him […]

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English literature paper 2 Inspector calls quotes

“You’re squiffy” – Shelia to Eric -Shows Eric drinks too much “I speak as a hard headed business man” – Mr Birling -Shows pride “Unsinkable, absolutely Unsinkable” – Mr Birling -Dramatic irony -Shows he is stupid -Titanic is a metaphor for the family “Girls of that class” – Mrs Birling -Shows Mrs Birling is socialy […]

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Analyzing Literature

puedo deducir i can infer una referencia a reference una tema a motif un patrón de repetición a pattern of repetition acotación stage direction aliteración alliteration argumento plot la iluminación enlightenment ironía irony modernismo modernism paralelismo parallelism vanguardismo avant-garde se refiere a it refers to connotación connotation insinuar to imply darse cuenta de to realise […]

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AH Unit 1 Three Worlds Meet

For what reason did the “first Americans” most likely migrate to the Americas? to search for food & shelter How did the ¨first Americans¨ most likely reach the Americas? crossing a land bridge between Siberia & Alaska Major advantages of complex societies: large labor force Which type of society built towns or villages but moved […]

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English: Literature

Old English Few surviving texts with little xommon Old English Sometimes reffered to as Anglo-Saxon Literature Old English The waves of invasion from European continent took place in the land Old English Julius Caesar crossed the English Chanel and found the land occupied by a peace, love, agriculture people called Celts Middle English Refers to […]

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(page 1, para 1) If two bodies are each in ___ ___ with a third body, then they are in equilibrium with each other. thermal equilibrium (page 1, para 1) If a=c and b=c, then ___ must equal ___. a, b (page 1, para 2) All heat is of ___ ___ ___. the same kind […]

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English Literature Exam Study Guide~Epic Conventions

Invocation of the Muse Inspires a work Epic Simile An extended simile that is used typically in epic poetry to intensify the heroic stature of the subject Epic Question An overarching question to solve In Medias Res Beginning the story in the middle Epic Hero A character in an epic poem who is noble and […]

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IB English Literature: Drama – Tragedy Terminology

Exposition Act I: creates mood, tone, setting; introduces characters and conflict(s). The play’s Exposition conveys information that is relevant to understanding the plot such as setting, events that have already occurred, mood, and main characters. Complication Act II: action rises and tension builds because of conflicts between various characters Climax Act III: peak of action […]

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AP English Literature and Composition Exam: Terms and Definitions

Apostrophe An address to someone not present, or to a personified object or idea Caricature A portrait that exaggerates a facet of personality Conceit Refers to a startiling or unusual metaphor Controlling image An image dominates and shapes an entire work Couplet A pair of lines that end in rhyme Diction The author’s choice of […]

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2018 English Literature GCSE Poetry Exposure

our ______ ache, in the _________ ____ east winds that _____ us… brains merciless iced knive _______ by silence, senturies _______, _______, _______ worried whisper curious nervous like __________ agonies of men among its ________ twitching brambles the __________ gunnery _______, far off, like a ____ rumour of some other war flickering rumbles dull ____ […]

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English literature exam

What are the three aspects of setting in miss hinch? Old times Subway Child labor jobs What is the atmosphere of top man and what ways does it enhance the conflicts? Anticipation and don’t know what will happen Do you think the lions paw could be propaganda too? Yes both cause it persuades you cause […]

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Capitulo 6

¿De adónde origina la patata? De peru ¿Dónde usaron la patata por la primera vez en España? En un hospital sevillano (el siglo 16) ¿Cuánto mide La Giralda? 104 metros ¿Dónde es La Giralda? Sevilla (Fue construida por los musulmanes) Ejemplos de arquitectura romana acueducto de Segovia, el Teatro Romano de Mérida, y el puente […]

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Short Story: "Civil Peace" by Chinua Achebe Practice and Quiz

Read the selection below from “Civil Peace” by Chinua Achebe and answer the question that follows. “My frien,” said he at long last, “we don try our best for call dem but I tink say dem all done sleep-o . . . So wetin we go do now? Sometaim you wan call soja? Or you […]

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Abeka English 12 Literature Test 7 Study Guide

Robinson Crusoe What was the first novel to gain worldwide recognition? Jonathan Swift Who is known for being the greatest English prose satirist? John Dryden Who is known as the Father of Modern Literary Criticism Journalism The two greatest literary forms during the eighteenth century were the novel and… Daniel Defoe Who laid the foundation […]

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English: Literary Movements

Victorian era (c. 1832-1901)The period of British history when Queen _______ruled; it includes the entire second half of the nineteenth century, a time when Britain was the most powerful nation in the world. The __________period was known for a rather stern morality. It was also marked by a general earnestness about life and by a […]

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WJEC/Eduqas English Literature GCSE Poetry Anthology

The Manhunt – Quotes – “After the first phase, / after passionate nights and intimate days, // only then would he let me trace”: ‘only then’ repeated – “blown hinge of his lower jaw” – “the parachute silk of his punctured lung” – “feel the hurt / of his grazed heart” – “sweating, unexploded mine […]

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English Literature CLEP

heroic couple a rhyming pair of iambic-pentameter lines, first used extensively in English by Chaucer and later developed as a syntactically complete unit, esp. by Dryden and Pope (Ex.: “In every work regard the writer’s end, Since none can compass more than they intend”) terza rima -(tert′sə rē′mə) a verse form of Italian origin, made […]

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English Literature Quiz 6

Duncan the king of Scotland at the beginning of the play Sleepwalking is the action showing Lady Macbeth guilty Daggers are in men’s smiles according to Donalbain Lady Macbeth said,” Look like th’ innocent flower,/But be the serpent under ‘t” the Globe was the name of the first theater in which the actors owned shares. […]

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English Literature- Christmas Carol

Which of the spirits does not speak to Scrooge? The ghost of christmas yet to come. What is Jacob Marley forced to drag about as a result of his sinful life? Heavy chains forged from ledgers and lockboxes. Why does Scrooge like darkness? It is cheap. Who is in the grave in Stave Four? Ebonezer […]

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