Medieval History

carruca a heavy wood plow with an iron plowshare manor In medieval Europe, an agriculture estate that a lord ran and peasants worked serf a peasant legally bound to the land who had to provide labor services, pay rent, and be subjects to the lord’s control bourgeoisie the middle class, including merchants, industrialist, and professional […]

Medieval History

Carolingian Empire A dynastic line and empire associated with Charlemagne. It was located in France and parts of Germany and Italy. It was centralized via the Church and its capital at Aachen. Charlemagne The first Holy Roman Emperor. Catholic Church Controlled all aspects of Medieval society. Magna Carta This important document weakened the English monarch […]

Medieval History Terms

Allah Arabic word meaning God. Part of the faith of Islam. Ancient History Time in history up to the fall of the Roman Empire in 476. Apprentice A boy who is learning a trade (job skill) from a master craftsman. Barbarians What the Romans generally called anyone who lived beyond the borders of the Roman […]

Medieval History Unit 2

Alfred the Great (849-899) the first king of the “Anglo-Saxons” Allah the divine name in Islam Angles Germanic tribe that invaded Britain in the 5th century from whom the name “England” comes Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109) the archbishop who defended realism and the satisfaction view of the atonement The Battle of Hastings (Oct. 14, 1066) […]

Chapter 5 Ancient and Medieval history Rome

Etruscans The civilization that most influenced early Rome. Settled north of Rome in Etruria. The dominant cultural and economic force in a number of areas in the emergence of Rome. They were invaded by the celts from Gaul and then conquered by the Romans. They brought urbanization to northern and central Italy. Consuls The chief […]

medieval history revision

Tithings Groups of 10 men introduced in the 10th century. All males over the age of 12 belonged to a tithing. If the tithing refused to bring a member of their group to court, then they would all pay a fine of compensation. Tithings were used during the rest of the Middle Ages. Hue and […]

Chapter 5 Ancient-Medieval History Vocab

Latium a plain on which Rome was located Tiber River a river located 18 miles inland in Rome Etruscans another peoples that had also settled in Italy by the first millennium Romulus and Remus twin brothers that founded Rome Sacred Way the first roadbed of the chief street through Rome Consuls & Praetors the chief […]

Medieval History Chapter 16 and 17

bureaucracy a highly organized body of workers with any levels of authority warlord a military leader operating outside the control of the government civil service exam a test given to qualify candidates for positions in the government harrow a farm tool used to break up and even out plowed ground chain pump a pump with […]

Medieval History

Gallows Wooden frame for hanging people, usually criminals Ducking Stool Victim was tied to a chair which was elevated or lowered by the torturer. Pillory a wooden instrument of punishment on a post with holes for the neck and hands Stocks Stocks are devices that were used internationally, in medieval, Renaissance and colonial American times […]

Exam – medieval history (unit 1)

middle ages medieval: around for 1000 years. from 476 b.c-1492 b.c dark ages after fall of rome, 600 years. barbian came to take. decline of civilization charlemagne charles the great, holy roman emperor, forced christianity and edcation. feudalism a way of life, land for protection serf peasants: made of 95% of the land. fief land […]

Medieval History Test Questions

Describe how the collapse of the Roman empire impacted Western Europe. When the Roman empire collapsed there was no strong central government and therefore Western Europe entered a period of political, social and economic decline. Vikings and other invaders were able to destroy towns and villages because there was no government or army to protect […]

Ancient and Medieval History Chapter 7

Justinian Byzantine emperor who held the eastern frontier of his empire against the Persians Corpus Juris Civilis New code of the Roman Law decided by Justinian I in 529 CE that made Orthodox Christianity the law of the land. It means the “body of civil law”., New code of the Roman Law decided by Justinian […]

Medieval History and Literature Test–3rd and 4th periods

Repeated phrases or lines usually between verses refrain Because of the bubonic plague (black death), there were massive labor shortages in which class of people? (and this led to an increased value of their work) serfs/peasants True or False? The ballad is often presented as dialogues or conversations. true The nobility began paying workers in […]

medieval history

Major Domo man in charge of a great household: Chief steward or buttler. Charles Martel duke and prince of the franks, restored centralized government in francia. Aachen developed from a roman settlement and spa. became the preferred residence of charlemegne Treaty of verdun first treaty that divided the carolingian empire into 3 kingdoms among the […]

European Medieval History Key Dates 0-1750

64 Much of Rome burns. Emperor Nero set fire to Rome and blames the Christians for it. The Colosseum was built in 80 CE (bread and games policies). 79 Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius preserved the city of Pompeii. Conquest of Britain (77-84) and crossing of the Rhine River to attack the Germanic Tribes 96-192 Pax […]

Worst Jobs in Medieval History

Arming Squire -Removed knights armour (was often dirty with blood and dead animals) -Wait behind the battle with armour (could get killed) -Walk long distances to battle -Carve meat Archer -Fought in army -Kill people with sever injuries Leech Collector -Waded into water barefoot to collect leeches for medicine -Bitten by 20-30 leeches Barber Surgeon […]

medieval history

Quwwat al-Islam Mosque (Might of Islam) Jain temple converted into Mosque Arhai Dinka Jhonpra Monastery Into Mosque in Ajmer Batter Sloping walls of tughlaq architecture Kitab-ul-hind Alburini’s book, Hindu ideas taken to west Mutazila Rational Philosophy of Islam Hadis Orthodox Islam Mansur bin Hallay lady Sufi saint, killed by orthodox Khanqah Buildings for sufis pir […]

medieval history (Bisson)

Poem of the Cid Castillian epic poem. based on the true story of El Cid during the reconquest of Spain from the moors Romanesque characterized by semi-circular arches. developed into the 12th century Gothic style. known for its massive quality, thick walls, round arches, sturdy piers, groin vaults, large towers and decorative arcading Durham cathedral […]

Medieval History II

20th century Spanish historian philosopher of ideas George Santayana “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Who said this? What does this quote mean? George Santayana. History is not just facts, it’s something we learn because it teaches lessons Who painted Historia? What date? What is going on in the painting? […]

Ancient and Medieval History Quiz 1`

Confucianism Believes that education can make us better people Analects A part of Confucianism Daoism (Taoism) *Dao/Tao- “The Way” : Nature -Daodejing Dao de Jing Work of philosophy Legalism Chinese philosophy Han Fei Tzu Han Fei, also known as Han Fei Zi, was an influential political philosopher of the Warring States period “Chinese Legalist” school. […]

Medieval history questions for quiz

how did Augustus change Roman Government? He created the praetorian Guard, the senate increased in power, he had the most power but he made it seem as if it were mostly the people’s decision how was Virgil’s Aeneid similar to Homer’s Odyssey? How was it different? -defined the central culture -showed different types of heroes […]

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